Calf Strain – Left and Right – 15th December 2016 to 2nd January 2017 – 18 days.

The usual calf injuries, really need to do some prevention work.

Calf Strain – Left – 20th September 2016 – 26th September 2016 – 6 days.

Recurring theme here with my injuries, another bloody calf strain. Not as bad as the last one, so hoping to only miss a few days running. I am going to start to do some yoga, to try and help with my injuries. I will also be using my Otto 128 tuning fork.

Calf Strain – Right – 31st August 2016 – 13th September 2016 – 14 days.

Quite a bad strain, first 3 days were painful to walk. Injured whilst doing a 3 mile run. Rested for 5 days. 5 days onwards, rest and use of a Otto 128 tuning fork.

Calf Tightness – Right – 28th June 2016 to 14th July 2016 – 16 days.

Calf became sore during the run. Stiffened up overnight. Didn’t seem like I pulled or strained it. Felt more like inflammation and stiffness. Almost like an inpact or overuse injury. Rested. Then resumed running, when I felt it was 100%.

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