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Over 100k views of my blog, and why I am happy people are reading about my Zero Carb journey.

Manchester Marathon 2018

I have signed up for my second marathon. Which will be fat adapted & fasted, in minimalist running shoes.

Bournemouth Marathon 2017 Race review

The review of my first marathon, a fat adapted marathon at that!

Run Nation Coquet Half Marathon – Race Review

My review of the Run Nation / Run Northumberland Coquet Half Marathon

Endinbugh Half Marathon

Edinburgh Half Marathon

Race Time: 01:53:38. Really happy with the time Friday 26th May – The wife, dog and I did the 3 hour drive up to Edinburgh. We had 3 nights booked at this campsite. We met our friends The Gibson’s here, as Paul was doing the race with me. The campsite was 5 miles outside of ...

Run Nation: Cragside 10k

Race Time – 00:57:59. I was pretty happy with this. I was expecting a time of one hour. However I was for some reason expecting quite a standard 10k. It was only in the car on route that the wife realised that the term “crag” is an old word for “hill”. So I was racing at ...

Endurancelife: Coastal Trail Series 2017 Northumberland 10K

Race Time – 01:04:47. The race was actually 6.7 miles. So Strava put my 10k (6.2 miles) distance at 00:58:41. Breakfast – I had two strips of pork belly, with a sliced sweet potato that I then fried in butter. Washed down with 500ml of water. Parking – It was a 1h45m drive. We arrived ...