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Contemporary Carnivore Diet: Ancient Food for Ancient Health and Fat Loss in a Modern World

Carnivore Diet

As my journey into Carnivory continues, I will list my book reviews below. I will also link any interesting studies or articles I read. So this page will continuously be updated.

My eBooks

The Contemporary Carnivore Diet, available on Kindle in all Amazon regions. Introducing the day to day lifestyle options of the Contemporary Carnivore Diet, but also the incredible weight and fat loss version: the Contemporary Carnivore Cut Diet.

My Books

I, Carnivore Journal, an accompanying journal to document your journey whilst on one of the two Contemporary Carnivore Diets. Or just a badass food journal for anyone who likes eating meat. There are obviously digital ways to track your progress, but sometimes a pen and paper ends up being more useful. I think you learn more about yourself doing it the old fashioned way.

Some of my Carnivore specific posts.

The Sun isn’t evil your diet could be though – Carnivore Diet for Sunburn

Why on earth is diet not the first thing to be changed when people suffer digestion issues – Carnivore Diet for Crohn’s & Colitis

What should humans eat – Are Humans Carnivores?

Other people’s Books

Strong Medicine, and my review of Strong Medicine.

The Fat of the land, and my review of The Fat of the Land.

Other useful info can be found on the internet – For Example from


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