Ketogenic Endurance

Carnivore Diet: Is health just a cut of Beef away?

Carnivore Diet

As my journey into carnivory continues, I will list my book reviews below. I will also link any interesting studies or articles I read. So this page will continuously be updated.

This is how I eat – The Contemporary Carnivore Diet

This is why I eat a Carnivore Diet – Are Humans Carnivores?


Strong Medicine, and my review of Strong Medicine.

The Fat of the land, and my review of The Fat of the Land.

The Vegetarian Myth, currently reading.


Our Digestive tract comparison chart

Can Humans digest meat

Gastrointestinal Transit

Gut Flora

Digestive Tract Diseases

Carnivore Diet for Crohns & Colitis

Chron’s carnivore

Chron’s treatment


Long Term Carnivore Eating

The Bear

Kelly Hogan

L. Amber O’Hearn

Vitamin C

Why do Carnivore’s / Zero Carbers not get Scurvy.

Vitamin C, Disease and Evolution.

Ancestral Eating

All Meat Diets

Paleo Times


Prolific Hunters

Vocabulary Suggests a Love of Fat

Success Stories

Meat Heals


Food Sustainability

Livestock: On our plates or eating at our table? A new analysis of the feed/food debate

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