Ketogenic Endurance

Use the Carnivore Diet to break your own Health Code. Build general preparedness to enable you to do anything you want on whim, and have a robust body and mind to fight disease, illness and viruses. Improve your lifestyle as your life may depend on it.



I am an Ambassador for a Ketogenic Sports Drink called by Limited Labs – use coupon STEVEN for 10% off storewide. I also contribute to their weekly newsletter The Ketogenic Playbook.

I am also an Ambassador for IAMRUNBOX, which produces products to help the run commute community.

Ideally I would like 2 or 3 more Ambassador roles. For example:

  • An fitness apparel company, ideally a running company. However a Yoga company would also be useful.
  • A Barefoot / Minimalist Running Shoe Company.
  • A Hydration Running Equipment Company.
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