World Carnivore Month 2021 – Thyroid Issues – Day 13


Thyroid issues

The numbers

Upwards of 12% of people suffer from thyroid issues at some point in their lives.

60% of people with thyroid issues are unaware of it.

Women are up to 8 times more likely to have thyroid issues.

Thyroid issues are associated with increased risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and infertility.

Carnivore Diet success stories

I have a few sections dedicated to the Thyroid, with hindsight I should have combined them all together. But do please the time to read all the sections as their are some great stories for you to read.

Have you reduced or got off thyroid medication completely after adopting the carnivore diet? If yes please let me know.

Jillian “I was diagnosed with a large thyroid nodule which is suspicious for cancer. Because of this, my doctors wanted to do a partial thyroidectomy. I did not want surgery, so I contacted a clinic in Budapest, Hungary which uses a carnivore diet called the “Paleolithic-Ketogenic Diet” as a form of managing and treating many types of illness. I shifted from my carnivore based diet to a strict carnivore diet per their recommendation on March 3rd, 2019.”

Elianie “I tried a carnivore diet after hearing how it could help autoimmune issues, of which I have had for over 30 years. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. After 7 months and counting on a carnivore diet, I am off of thyroid hormones! I have personally never felt better.”

Natalie “In less than a year on PKD I was symptom-free… Hypothyroidism (medicated for 14 years), non alcoholic fatty liver, scalp eczema, rashes, itchiness, allergies, insomnia, joint pain, amenorrhea, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, nutrient deficiencies, hair loss, water retention, restless leg syndrome, extreme teeth sensitivity and receding gums, very low energy and vitality, lack of memory and concentration, lack of physical strength, inability to deal with stress, foggy mind, often depressed. All these conditions left my body and became the past!”

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  1. Thanks for posting my article again on my Carnivore journey and Hashimoto’s. I have to believe carnivore, when I am strict, helps all my issues, but I haven’t lowered my thyroid dose or removed it. I have wondered about doing it, but I’m really afraid to rock the boat. SInce especially with Hashimoto’s they claim you won’t get over that type. I could sure see it working for straight thyroid problems. My son with Downs also has Hashimoto’s. I try to keep him low carb, but not strict carnivore and his weight is appropriate for his age. Unusual for Downs folks. Thyroid problems are indeed hard to manage, and the best I’ve done is certainly carnivore. I still worry a little about cancer since this diet is so new, but have to go by how I feel. On a regular diet or low fat, their idiot recommendations, I couldn’t have felt worse. My feet hurt so bad (when I was 39 years old) to stand up every monring I could barely walk and that was the least of the problems. I’m very stressed as care-giver (and over the world situation) right now so am determmined to watch my diet carefully and give myself the best chance of dealing with it. Probably the most noticeable is mood and ability to handle stress. You will notice that in a few days. Cheers, folks, and thanks (Stephen is it? I apologize if I have that wrong. Your blog is wonderful.


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