World Carnivore Month 2021 – Depression – Day 10



The numbers

Depression is awful, is debilitating in numerous ways, and it has a huge impact on other types of mental problems and actually increases the risk of physical diseases. Never mind the senseless loss of life it is linked too through suicide.

264 million people are said to sufferer from Depression each year. That is a terrible stat.

And I wonder how many of those 264 million are needlessly suffering from it because of their poor diet, that is loaded with sugar and vegetable seed oils.

I would not be surprised if over 90% of that 264 million could improve it with diet.

Nearly all my carnivore diet success stories report some form of mental boost when they go carnivore, whether it is some form of mental clarity improvement or they report they are more relaxed and chilled.

Carnivore Diet vs Depression

Without sounding like a twat… I am not a fan of the current climate of where some people say “oh I suffer from mental health problems”… but never say what.

“Mental Health Problems” isn’t a disease it is a blanket/umbrella term which I don’t think helps people for the most part, and may lessen the seriousness with how people think of people with actual acute and diagnosed mental health problems.

If they just don’t want to talk about their specific problems that’s fine and they should not have too, however, some of the time especially on Facebook etc it seems a bit more like a victim mentality rather than actual mental health issues.

I prefer people who are specific, and will say I have Depression or Bi-Polar. I find these types of people are more likely to do things to help their issues.

People who suffer from depression may also, have anxiety, insomnia, and OCD etc… and these people do truly have mental health problemS.

I am obviously talking in generalities here, it is just my opinion from what I see in mainstream and social media. So don’t get triggered.

I have already done a Carnivore Diet vs Anxiety post –

And I also have a load of Carnivore Diet success stories from people you have faced their depression head on and took steps to resolve it, rather than facing a life on anti-depressants.

There is no one reason everyone has depression, and it is a truly awful thing to have to deal with. If the carnivore diet does help with depression then it is likely to be because the carnivore diet helps with a range of general health that would make you more robust mentally and physically. For example: it will help you lose weight, sleep better, improves digestive health, improves lean muscle mass, balances your hormones, is nutrient dense, no antinutrients, is highly bioavailable, and provides all your essential amino acids, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

So you are just giving your body the best chance possible to be strong and healthy. This might be all that is needed to improve your depression. People know food affects the body aka you can manipulate it to lose or put on weight.

People now need to know that food has a huge impact on mental health too.

Here are some examples:

Brett “The benefits of living carnivorously have been many! 10 or so days in I woke up without ANY joint pain. I never thought I ‘suffered’ from joint pain but that I had “aches & pains” just as a matter of living to be 57. I felt incredibly healthier right then, to be honest, & that was but the 1st 10 days!  On day 23 into day 24 as a carnivore, I felt ALL my depression symptoms VANISH.”

Saara “The biggest benefit for me is definitely a reversal of depression, basically, I recovered already last year due to therapies and quitting medication, but I still felt a lot of anxiety, insecurity, fatigue, overthinking, procrastination, weirdness. Life seemed so easy for everyone else and I never reached that feeling before I went carnivore. Now I am shining in my true colors.”

Scarlett “I’ve found a deeper level of nourishment and health than I could have ever hoped for. My anxiety is gone, depression lifted, I’ve built muscle and dropped a lot of body fat. The biggest benefit has been the inflammation in my body vanishing. My skin looks amazing; I never even thought it could look so good! Every day I feel fulfilled, positive, and completely nourished, I’ve never felt this way before or knew it was possible.”

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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