World Carnivore Month 2021 – Ulcerative Colitis – Day 9


Ulcerative Colitis

What is ulcerative colitis

Its a nasty and painful disease that’s for sure.

It is an inflammation issue of the lining of the colon, which causes ulcers.

It is said to be chronic, progressive, and greatly increases your risk of colon cancer.

What are the symptoms

It is a bit like a roller-coaster, you can have spells in remission where issues are mild or non-existent. Then you have flare-ups where the issues get more intense.

There are a whole host of potential symptoms like chronic diarrhoea, stomach pain, always needing the toilet, joint pain, ulcers all over the body not just in the colon, bad skin, irregular heartbeat, blood in your faeces. UC can also lead to primary sclerosing cholangitis, developmental issues in children, and very high risk of bowel cancer.

How many people have it

Around 1% of the western world have UC. Which you might not think is much, but when you add in Crohn’s, IBS, Leaky Gut etc. There is a definite pattern showing there most be something seriously wrong in the Standard Western Diet if so many people are getting digestive diseases.

How to treat UC

Mainstream medical treatment uses an assortment of steroidal and immunosuppressants to try to keep the remission periods for as long as possible, whilst lessening the impact of the flares.

Then as this disease is said to be incurable, and as you spend many years on a cocktail of drugs… eventually there is a pretty high chance you are going to need some sort of surgical procedure eg the removal of parts of your colon.

If you need drugs and surgery obviously take them, but your goal should always to be to find ways to manage any disease without the need for drugs and surgery.

Why I think the Carnivore Diet helps

I am no doctor, and I don’t have UC… but if I did I would probably do 2 thing.

Eat only ruminant meat and do daily + extended fasts.


Meat – the digestive system can be simplified into 3 main blocks. The stomach. The small intestine. The large intestine. If UC is mainly a problem in the large intestine, then I would want to eat as much food as possible that digests in the stomach and small intestine. I would want my large intestine to do as little work as possible. Over 98% of beef digests before the large intestine, so that’s what I would focus on. I would definitely avoid sending fiber down my large intestine, as that is like sending a Brillo Pad down an already sensitive area.

Fasting – If I had UC I would want to limit the amount of work my digestive system was doing. I would want to eat some food, let it digest, then I would then like my digestive system to have a long period of time to rest and recover. If I had any digestive disease, I would not want to be sending food down my digestive system constantly. So I would incorporate intermittent and extended fasting.

I have a few carnivore diet success stories relating to colitis, check them out here –

Rose “Hmmmm it might seem unbelievable if I list all the benefits I’ve experienced since adopting Carnivore, but I will do my best. Firstly relief from constant gastric discomfort, colitis, ibs, intermittent constipation, bloat and interstitial cystitis. Manageable monthly cycles instead of debilitating cramps.”

Gabe “Major relief from my autoimmune condition – Ulcerative Colitis. I am lean and continue to gain muscle mass. Great sleep, energy, happiness, and simplicity. I feel the healthiest I have ever been and I am much more disciplined in my approach to life.”

Nicole “Better sleep, mood, leaner, much better digestion, reduced inflammation and colitis symptoms are nearly gone.”

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