World Carnivore Month 2021 – Acid Reflux – Day 8


Acid Reflux

What is acid reflux

It is where your stomach acid gets into the oesophagus. The acid does what acid does, which irritates the lining of the throat.

The oesophageal sphincter should only let things pass one way, from your mouth to your stomach. If something causes it to relax when it shouldn’t or it is weak for some reason, then acid can get into the oesophagus and cause problems.

What are the symptoms

The symptoms can range from mild to chronic.

You may notice heartburn, pains in the chest, problems swallowing, regurgitating food or bile, coughing, asthma, and sleep issues.

These things are obviously unpleasant, but when they become chronic then you have even more problems like increased chance of throat cancer, throat ulcers, and narrowing of the oesophageal.

How to treat acid reflux

Unlike a lot of diseases and issues, diet is recognised to be a trigger of acid reflux where alcohol, fatty, and fried foods are claimed to be the triggers. Whilst I put the blame at other types of foods, at least the medical paternity admit food is an issue, which is rare.

Unfortunately the main focus surprise surprise is giving you drugs! Rather than wondering what is causing the reflux, they mainly just give you some drug to reduce your acid production, over time you will just be given stronger and stronger antacids to keep the acid at bay. Eventually surgery might be needed. This is the standard pattern of modern medicine.

Give you drugs to beat down the symptom’s, rather than tacking what is causing the symptom’s.

So because the person is just given drugs, they will rarely make the attempt to change their lifestyle and nutrition… so they are reliant on the drugs instead of dealing with the issue themselves.

Carnivore Diet success stories vs Acid Reflux

I got mild acid reflux in my 30’s, usually after a weekend out drinking with my mates and eating takeaways. I never had it again after going Keto and then Carnivore.

It is my belief that it is the standard western diet that is high in grains and vegetable seed oils, that is the problem. They lower your stomach acidity, this more alkaline state allow bacteria to grow, this produces gas and bubbling, and this bubbling helps the stomach acid to get past the sphincter. It may seem counterintuitive to some people but to prevent stomach acid problems you should eat more meat and less plant-based food, this strengthens the acidity of your stomach, the acids kills what it should, no bacteria, no excess gases, and no acid then gets into your throat. You actually need more and stronger stomach acid, not less if you want to heal.

Here are the stories I already have on acid reflux –

If you have helped your acid reflux / gerd on a carnivore diet, then please let me know an we can do a carnivore success story on my blog.

Nancy “As soon as I switched to Carnivore the GERD symptoms disappeared. I still struggled with a bit of heartburn but that doesn’t touch the horrible symptoms of before, before Carnivore I was struggling to swallow food and even struggling to breathe. The biggest transformation and the one that has been completely life changing is I am now having completely normal bowel movements. No more running to the toilet in pain, no more toilet mapping when I go out, no more embarrassment. That’s worth it all on its own. But a big plus is the weight loss, I’m feeling and looking good and lots of people have complemented me.”

Dwayne ” I had really bad eczema all my life, right from birth, and for the first time in my life I have no trace of eczema on my body.  I had chronic acid reflux, that is gone, I was on puffers regularly for my asthma, and I haven’t had to used them in a year now.  I had several kidney stones prior to going carnivore, some even had to be surgically removed and I have not had any since.  Mood is much improved, calmer and do not get agitated easily.  Much higher tolerance to the sun, I can be in the sun all day without getting a sunburn.  My eyes turned blue, that’s an interesting one!”

Lindsay “There have been lots of benefits even down to my skin and hair looking better but I am no longer on meds for reflux and had an endoscopy which showed no inflammation. My joint pain is pretty much non existent now and my energy is through the roof so much so I have taken up running !! Endometriosis pain is so low now I don’t take any pain meds. One of the biggest changes though has been in my mood, I feel like I get up everyday energised and looking forward to the day ahead.”

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