World Carnivore Month 2021 – Ex Vegans – Day 4



Veganism is the best diet on paper

Veganism sounds awesome on paper doesn’t it, it seems perfect. You can get fit and healthy, by getting loads of yummy and colourful fruit and veg, you do not cause the deaths of animals, and you have a better carbon footprint.

Unfortunately in the real world and if you dig a little deeper, the message of veganism falls apart.

It is arguably slightly better than the Standard Western Diet but pails in comparison when compared to Paleo, Keto and Carnivore.

It arguably kills more animals than omnivores and certainly kills more than carnivores do.

The environmental claims are dubious to say the best, shameless lying at worst.

It always amuses me that Veganuary is in January. I live in the North-East of England. There are no fruit and vegetables from the UK in my local supermarket at the moment, but there are cows in the field at the back of my house. So Veganuary actually promotes globalisation of the food supply where huge corporations have their dirty fingers in all the pies. I cannot have a consistent year round supply of seasonal local fruit and veg in my country, that meets all my nutritional needs.

I do agree there are issues with factory farming of animals, but that is because their are a stupid amount of humans to feed.

Real world vegans

There are vegans that can do veganism for all their lives and stay relatively healthy. However, this is not the norm. These people are outliers that are robust enough to handle it.

The vest majority of vegans suffer huge health issues and have to move on to other diets, whether they like it or not.

I am no vegan expert but I have noticed a couple of common patterns with vegans who become ex-vegans.

1/ Age declines… people can usually cope with veganism in their teens and 20’s, in their 30’s seemingly random health issues start to appear, so they tend to go stricter and stricter vegan because it is the “healthy option”, then in their 40’s and 50’s bad stuff starts happening.

2/ Health declines… they take it up and feel great for a year, then 1-3 years they notice energy and digestive issues, 4-5 years mental health issues increase along with more serious energy and digestive issues, then as the years increase so do the doctor trips for seemingly undiagnosable issues.

Carnivore to the rescue

If everyone just grew up on meat, potatoes and 2 veg like my grandparents did when they were young… that would probably mean 99% of the world would be in good health.

The problems is the food supply on the standard western diet is so poor it is causing so many issues that you have to go really strict with diets like Keto and Carnivore to avoid them. The vegan diet goes even further away from what I consider to be healthy, so when things breakdown they breakdown badly, so you do have to swing all the way the other way to carnivore to correct the damage done by veganism.

Carnivore Diet success stories

I have 34 stories from Ex-Vegans, showing that a meat-based diet can help you heal from issues caused by veganism. You can check the stories out here:

Isabella “I wanted to heal the damage and weight gain veganism caused. I got my period back, healed cystic acne, lost 25 lb, and cured my depression and chronic fatigue. I no longer bloat, suffer from mental fog, and mood swings.”

River “I grew up eating a standard American diet… I became a vegetarian by age 20 and full-blow vegan by 21. I spent 5 years trying to dial in the perfect vegan dietary approach… only to find myself totally malnourished, skinny, anxious and depressed. I tried junk food vegan, whole food purist vegan, high fat, low fat, high carb, mucas-less, vegan paleo, vegan keto, raw vegan, fruitarian, has an interest breatharian… I sought to continue improving and tweaking the vegan diet to one that made me feel the best. Every time I tweaked it I thought “This is it! I feel great now!” But the feeling didn’t last… and I had to keep searching and searching… until I realised I was searching in all the wrong places….”

Alma-Jade “The lure of a “Garden of Eden” diet can be very attractive, making it seem like cultivated, hybridised and modern fruit and vegetables are the most nutrient-dense foods, and that all animal foods and all of animal agriculture are eco-terrorism and the cause of our chronic disease epidemic. Complexity gets thrown away for black-and-white thinking, and there is no room for nuance. It is very hard to see the label when you are in the jar.”

If you would like to share your ex-vegan story then please contact me directly.

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