World Carnivore Month 2021 – Diabetes – Day 3


Carnivore vs Diabetes

What is Type 1 Diabetes

This is where blood sugar is too high, and your body produces none or very little insulin. So you are said to require daily Insulin jabs for life. It is thought to be a autoimmune issue, and it is the type children usually get.

What is Type 2 Diabetes

Again it is a blood glucose issue, but type two is easier to manage through diet, other drugs like metformin, and of course Insulin. The mainstream health system will tell you it is a progressive disease, but it isn’t… it is actually very easy to reverse.

Diabetes in numbers

415 million have diabetes in the world

4 million are from the UK

34 million are from the US

70,000 people in America have an amputation due to diabetes complications

It costs the NHS 10 billion £ a year

The economic cost to America is over $327 billion

Absolutely shocking figures considering , Type 2 Diabetes is basically an overindulgence of sugar disease.

How does carnivore diet help diabetes

The carnivore diet is a very low carb and nearly zero carb diet, and considering all carbs get converted to glucose. Then the carnivore diet is a low sugar diet, and therefore a low and insulin diet. Therefore it will prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes, and if you already have Type 2 then carnivore will help you reverse it.

Some people with vested interests (aka Vegans) will try to suggest red meat is a cause of diabetes… IT IS NOT!

Hook up a group of people up on continuous glucose meters and put them on a range of diet, and I bet the carnivore diet beats all of them apart from the therapeutic ketogenic diet.

Carnivore Diet success stories

I have 14 success stories which mention Diabetes, and they can be found here –

Aimee and Jay have even shown they have controlled their Type 1 diabetes with the Carnivore Diet. How awesome is that.

Jay “I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since the age of 14, 16 years now. My story basically is that of someone who struggled with achieving peak athletic performance and my health slowly declined to the point where I was depressed, had more than 12 nutrient deficiencies, an intestinal bacterial overgrowth which eventually led to an intestinal infection. Straight up I’m no longer depressed, sick or injured. From a doctor’s point of view my blood tests have all dramatically improved, my infection and nutritional deficiencies have all disappeared. Personally, I can actually breathe through my nose again, my digestion has improved massively no more bloating and passing stool is easy.  Outside of my own health, I’ve been fortunate to connect with so many other carnivore people and type 1 diabetics who have reached out to me.”

Chris “I’ve lost 116 pounds so the freedom that brings is immeasurable. I cured my type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies and sleep apnoea.  I was on lots of medications and now I take none.  Improved energy and mental focus. I require less sleep.”

 Hayley “Being carnivore has cured a lot of the ailments that I thought were just genetic and I would suffer with forever. Such as acid reflux, digestive issues, high blood pressure, and diabetes. I no longer have intense joint pain, my anxiety and depression are near gone, and my hair is healthier than ever.”

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