World Carnivore Month 2021 – Anxiety – Day 2



What is anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry, stress, and tension. It is actually a very natural fear response, and has kept us alive over the millions of years we have evolved for.

The problem is more and more people are feeling anxiety chronically, so it is always with them and it starts to effect every part of their lives.

When you suffer from anxiety chronically, it makes you much more like to suffer from other mental health issues like depression, bi-polar, and OCD.

Anxiety in numbers

1 in 13 people in the world suffer from anxiety

Over 18% of the USA population suffers from anxiety

Over 25% of children are affected by anxiety between the ages of 13 and 18.

8+ million cases of anxiety a year in the UK

Women twice as likely to have it than men, although I wonder if men just don’t report it as often.

35-59 is the most at risk age group

How does the carnivore diet health with anxiety

Ask anyone and they will agree that a poor diet will cause poor health or is the reason people become fat, yet not many people will agree with you if you state that a poor diet is just as bad for your brain as it is your waist circumference.

Why should your brain get off scott free if your body doesn’t.

On top of that your brain is over 60% saturated fat and cholesterol, so it isn’t a leap to think that the modern high carb and low fat diets could cause brain issues.

The carnivore diet is also very good at improving gut health, and balancing hormones. These are both proven to help with mood disorders.

On top of this I have noticed a lot of people claim they sleep better on a carnivore diet, so this could only be a positive for many health issues.

Carnivore Diet success stories

I have 40 carnivore diet success stories where the people state their anxiety has improved, in fact nearly all of them say it has gone completely. You can read the stories here –

When I first started doing the Carnivore Diet Success Stories way back in 2018, I had a lot of pre-conceived notions about what they would be like. I knew there would be a lot of weight loss transformations, but what took me by surprise is how many people suffered from Anxiety. Because I don’t suffer form it myself, I had no notion it was such a problem.

Kristel “Reduction in anxiety, depression, sadness. Increase of motivation, energy and happiness. My hair grows again and doesn’t get damaged so quick. My hair and skin are moisturized again. As a vegan my hair was dry and brittle, just like my skin. I always struggled with acne, but that cleared up a lot. My joint pains reduced, my nails grow stronger and are harder, I have more color in my face, I can think better and clearer. I have no more bloating, pains and cramps. My digestive system works better. There are so many benefits I experienced. I was really lacking nutrients out of the animal kingdom.”

Katja “I lived with bipolar depression and anxiety starting at 12 years old. My symptoms got classed as severe and I kept developing additional degradation of my brain and body. I started getting ADHD as a young adult, developed Aspergers, my doctors thought I gone mad and did nothing to even get me a proper diagnosis. My cognitive function improved significantly after the first six weeks and I live symptom-free and without any meds. I am learning to trust myself and enjoying life like never before. Every day is a gift. I am humbled by having a proper life now.”

Jon “I was an alcoholic, overweight, had high blood pressure, terrible anxiety and constantly agitated and angry. I was not a nice person. Keto helped me 85% of the way to the person I am today. I believe Keto works so well because its closer to carnivore than the SAD diet. You end cutting out lots of the processed foods like sugar, refined carbs and seed oils. I feel that many end up eating far more veggies than they used to when they go on Keto and those are actually not that healthy and cause many people issues. I consider them now starvation food and a complete waste of time. I feel like I have finally figured out how to make all the pieces of health and nutrition fit together. All signs point to Carnivore.”

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