World Carnivore Month 2021 – Obesity – Day 1


Carnivore vs Obesity


Obesity is something that a lot of people struggle with.

And weight loss diet plans is a billion dollar industry, and they all come will various bells and whistles… but nearly all of them can be boiled down to limiting your portions and increasing your exercise.

They rarely teach you anything about why things are good and bad for you, and if Slimming World and Weight Watchers were actually successful in people losing weight and keeping it off… then they would be out of business.

Obesity numbers

83% of American men are overweight or obese

72% of American women are overweight or obese

$140+ billion, cost to the American Health Care System

67% of men in the UK are overweight or obese

60% of women are overweight or obese

£4.2+ billion, cost to to the NHS… projected to be over 10 billion by 2020. That means people like me will have to help cover that black hole.

Every pound you are overweight, and every day you are overweight for… you increase your risk of metabolic disease. As we have seen in 2020, having poor metabolic health can be a death sentence when a new virus raises its ugly head.

So, if you want to help save yourself and save your national health care system billions, then you need to take it upon yourself to lose weight.

How can carnivore help

There are a whole host of things that result in someone being overweight: lack of knowledge, like of care, following poor advice from health professionals, sedentary life, lack of hobbies, a food supply filled with sugar and junk seed oils… and a million more reasons probably.

The world is set up to make you fat, and then the pharmaceutical industry is there to try to drug you out of the health hole you have created.

Another way is to try to get back to basics. Eat food we have always eaten throughout our evolution, and avoid foods that have only recently become available.

The Carnivore Diet helps you increase the amount of highly nutrient dense you consume, and it basically eliminates all junk food. These two things help you lose weight and more importantly keep it off.

There are almost endless debates on the reasons behind why and how people lose weight, and I am sure people purposely make it complicated to make money from you.

You can skip all that though, and you might not know this… but you can lose weight by eating your fill of ribeye’s and put all those charlatan dieticians out of a job.

Carnivore Diet success stories

I have over 40 carnivore diet weight loss transformations just on my blog, never mind all the transformations you see on the groups, forums and Instagram. Check out the stories on my blog here –

Rich “The benefits I’ve seen are numerous and unequivocally easy compared to what I’ve tried in the past. I exercise the same amount or less, and have lost 70 lbs. I am currently around 210 lbs. My IBS, gas, bloating, lower abdominal pain is completely resolved, along with my acne prone skin. My anxiety is much better, but I have health anxiety that stems from something when I was younger and most likely unrelated to diet. My hair and nails grow thicker and faster. I am sleeping much better.”

Laura ” I am 34 year old working Mom.  I lost 120 pounds in 10 months on a Carnivore diet (the first couple months were keto).  I have been maintaining that weight loss for the last 6 months.  My husband is also carnivore (look for his story too coming up) and our kids (5 and 3) eat a clean, whole foods diet.  We focus on feeding them high protein meals and keeping grains, sugars, and seed oils out of their diet.”

Landon “I restarted my Carnivore journey on January 1st. My blood pressure on January 2nd was 163/98 with a BPM of 84. Today it was 121/73 with a BPM of 68. I’ve lost 59 pounds so far this year and a total of 79. I have lost 7 inches from my stomach and 5 from my chest. My blood sugar ranges from 65 – 85. I no longer sleep with my cpap and am as quiet as a mouse. I’m off all my Bipolar and heart medication.”

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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