Month: August 2020

Running, to run The Wall Ultramarathon 2021 – Week 4 & 5 Training

“For the most part I am running 4 times a week, and increasing my mileage by a mile a week. With a combination of long weekend runs or back to backs. When I get up to the 30-35 mile a week range, I’ll start running 5 times a week. I am not really into tempo runs, and all my runs have hills in them. So really I’ll just be going out for aerobic runs. I am not trying to win the race, just survive it!”

Carnivore Diet success stories – with Zach

Zach “The biggest benefit I’ve found is not having to think about what I’m going to eat, nor having a constant hunger to worry about. I just pick a cut of meat out of the fridge, cook it how I like, then eat it. The boredom some people have with eating nothing but meat is nothing to me, since I gain the simplicity of having all of my meals already planned out.”