The Meat-ing Carnivore Conference.

I love it when people get so passionate about a subject, they go out of their way to help others.

David is one such man. He is organising the Meat-ing conference in Malmoe, Europe.

You can use the code ketogenicendurance to get 10% off tickets here. There is nothing in this financially for me. Davids follows my social media and wanted to give you lot a treat, and I just want to help him spread the word.

If you check out the Meat-ing website, you will see he has gone all in!!! He hasn’t messed about, he has got some of the biggest meat eating names in the business to speak at his event.

This is what David is about:


From an adrenaline junky, to a runner, to a health searcher!

As a person, I was always that crazy guy, from the early days in school I always had plenty of energy, which later in my teens led me to scuba diving and 10 years later to another form of diving, namely skydiving. Did that for some 11 years and the last 6 years I took along passengers for their first freefall as a tandem pilot. It was a joy to share the experience with regular people.

Started running back in 2009, and since I have always been that guy who wants to improve, I always searched for a better path. This led me to a different running stride with minimalist shoes, and a metabolic switch from a carbohydrate burner to a fat burner, so that I wasn’t to be dependent on carbohydrates for fuel. This was back in 2013.

So, it was my aim to improve as a runner that led me into diet research. In 2017 there was this guy (Shawn Baker) on twitter suggesting an only meat diet. The thing that then struck my mind, was my late grandfather who was born 1916 who always said, that if there aren’t any meat on the table, it was a poor meal with insufficient nutrients and the previous generations have always valued meat. This appealed to me and made so much common sense that I told my wife that I was giving it a try and the rest is history!

The carnivore diet did two things that my previous low carb lifestyle didn’t fix. The major thing was that I had developed some skin issues back in 2013-2014 I believe that it was. After several visits to my primary doc and also a skin specialist, they concluded that it probably was some kind of Rosacea, but I also had some small blisters on my cheeks. Ten days into my carnivore way of eating, the blisters on my cheeks disappeared and the red blush that had taunted me for some years was gone. After my 30-day challenge I tried to bring back the veggies, and instantly my issues came back. So, I decided to continue eating carnivore, and that made me go from eating three times a day to two times a day. The other issue was that the six pack wasn’t that visible, but hey, the carnivore diet solved that issue in no time.

So this is my short version how I came to become a carnivore.

I went to Boulder, Colorado last year to participate as an attendee to the first carnivore conference ever set up by Amber O’Hearn. I also attended the Denver Low Carb conference, but I felt the carnivore conference was much more at forefront with solving issues that regular medicine didn’t have a clue how to heal. Low carb handled many of these great, but carnivore had a much bigger and faster impact. While being there I recall that I got the idea to set up a similar conference here in Europe for the European audience.

When I got back home, I felt that the anti-meat agenda just rose exponentially, and everywhere the message was hitting regular people. I just felt that the time was ripe, and that the conference couldn’t wait. During the summer months I tried to get in contact with the speakers and made plans for the conference. Finally, most of the speakers that I reached out to (who also felt the same about the anti-meat agenda) agreed to come and give a talk.

Yes, the conference was intended for the like-minded people, but my bigger aim is to invite journalists, politicians, farmers and others to give them another view about meat and especially give farmers more tools and arguments to defend their livelihood.

I work as a civil servant in the Swedish Unemployment Agency as my day job. I started a company due to arranging the conference, and had to go to the bank to finance it. I do hope that I will go break even, but the most important thing is to get the word out about defending meat and have a packed auditorium! That’s the conference biggest task.

                                                             – David Bodiroza








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