Descended from Odin – Beowulf Pt 1 Tee review

This is my review for the Descended From Odin Beowulf Pt 1 T-Shirt.

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In the words of Descended From Odin

“When the Anglo-Saxons landed on Britain’s shores they bought with them the gods and the tales of heroes long past; kings amongst men, descendants of Woden himself. Over time these men became Christians, but one story endured over all others and not even the church could lay to rest the story of Beowulf, slayer of monsters and dragons.

Product Details + Size guide: 100% organic cotton. This shirt is our regular fit.  UK sizes given with chest circumference in inches for men & women’s (UK) dress size equivalent. For US, we recommend to size up one.

Measurements given in inches for chest circumference. XS: 34-36″ (8-10) S: 36-38″ (10-12) M: 40-42″ (12-14) L: 42-44″ (14-16) XL: 44-46″ (16-18) XXL: 46-48” (18-20)

The Beowulf Story is : Part 1 – “Beowulf falls into two parts. It opens in Denmark, where King Hrothgar’s splendid mead hall, Heorot, has been ravaged for 12 years by nightly visits from an evil monster, Grendel, who carries off Hrothgar’s warriors and devours them. Unexpectedly, young Beowulf, a prince of the Geats of southern Sweden, arrives with a small band of retainers and offers to cleanse Heorot of its monster. Hrothgar is astonished at the little-known hero’s daring but welcomes him, and, after an evening of feasting, much courtesy, and some discourtesy, the king retires, leaving Beowulf in charge. During the night Grendel comes from the moors, tears open the heavy doors, and devours one of the sleeping Geats. He then grapples with Beowulf, whose powerful grip he cannot escape. He wrenches himself free, tearing off his arm, and leaves, mortally wounded. The next day is one of rejoicing in Heorot. But at night as the warriors sleep, Grendel’s mother comes to avenge her son, killing one of Hrothgar’s men. In the morning Beowulf seeks her out in her cave at the bottom of a mere and kills her. He cuts the head from Grendel’s corpse and returns to Heorot. The Danes rejoice once more. Hrothgar makes a farewell speech about the character of the true hero, as Beowulf, enriched with honours and princely gifts, returns home to King Hygelac of the Geats.”

The T-Shirt in the photos is a Medium, I am 6 foot and 12 stone 6 pounds ish. It is made from 100% organic cotton, and is a regular fit.

I love the graphic on this t-shirt which fills pretty much all of the front of the tee. It is a really cool design that reminds me of a panel of a comic book. The design is bold enough that it looks great from a distance, but it is super detailed up close. The print quality is also excellent. It has survived multiple washes and has retained its integrity.

I am an ambassador for DFO. However, all that really means is I really like the brand and wear the products myself. I have never understood the concept of just being an ambassador for the sake of it. Why promote something, that you would not wear yourself. You only have to look at my day to day postings on Instagram and Facebook, to know I wear DFO products on a daily basis.


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