Descended from Odin – Grunge Hood review

This is my review for the Descended From Odin Grunge Hoodie.

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In the words of Descended From Odin “Grunge as fuck. 100% organic cotton, screen printed by hand in England. All sizes UK chest: XS 36-38″ / S 38-40″ / M 40-42″ / L 42-44″ / XL 44-47″ / 2XL 47-50″ 3XL 50-53.”

The Hoodie in the photos is a Medium, I am 6 foot and 12 stone 6 pounds ish. The website doesn’t confirm a fit. I would personally describe it as in-between a slim and regular fit for me. Which is exactly what I want from a hoodie, I prefer slim to regular fit.


It is a warm fleece-lined hoodie. I am from the North East of England, this hoodie will be perfect for Autumn, and Spring for me. Whilst also providing a warming layer for the winter. I like to spend a lot of time walking and hiking in the great outdoors. So I need a lot of layering options.


The front of the hoodie has the DFO logo with the brand name in a really cool font, then the logo in a very large print on the back. It really does have a grunge feel to it. I was brought up on Nirvana and Pearl Jam and this hoodie is similar to the type of stuff I would have worn then. So they have nailed that.


Shipping was a bit of a nightmare but only in my head, it was all my fault. I ordered it in November, and after a week it had not been dispatched so I was getting a bit wary. However, after reading the product item again, I realised it was a pre-order and it would not be sent out until the 12th December. Then on the afternoon of the 12th December, I got an email stating it had been sent out. It arrived the next day! So make sure you read the shipping details before you stress out, and remember it is an independent company so give them a little slack haha.


Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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