The 5 Pillars of Health: Week 5

Mission Statement:

Use my 5 pillars of health to build a base of fitness, whereupon I am capable of achieving any goals with minimal specialisation.

The five pillars are: Speed, Strength, Flexibility, Mentality and Diet.



Well 5 weeks into My 4 Pillars of Health fitness plan, I have realised there is a massive area I am not talking about…. the Mind.

So hence forth it is now The 5 Pillars of Health haha.

The mind is too huge of an area to not talk about. For instance people rightly know that junk food is unhealthy, however, most people just think it is unhealthy for the body and pay no attention to the effects on the mind.

A poor lifestyle is just as destructive on the mind as it is on the body. However, the effects are to harder to pinpoint. So people don’t link the two as easily.

The mind is vital for motivation, positivity, determination, happiness, will power, decision making and good habits. I know as much as anyone that it is hard to resist that chocolate bar or apple crumble. Even though you know fine well they are not healthy, but you can still succumb to them.

The good news is the mind can be trained like any muscle. The more you work on it, the stronger it becomes. You hear people all the time talking about how hard it is to lose weight, it isn’t, losing weight is very easy, what people mean is they find it hard to do what is necessary for a sufficient period of time to lose weight. That is all in the mind.

It might be a massive change to stop the Friday night pizza’s or having a bag of sweets and popcorn for Saturday movie night. You might even think life isn’t worth it without those things and it is important to put life into living. However, that is our mind lying to us, to make us feel better. Being fit and healthy is better than any sandwich tastes!

You should eat food to live, not live to eat. You will get more enjoyment from being pain-free, active, and mobile than whatever joy you think you get from a biscuit.

So in future posts, I will delve into how I am training my mind, and how that could help you. No one is perfect, and you shouldn’t whip yourself over having a Quality Street. However, you shouldn’t kid yourself either. You are where you deserve to be, if you want to be fitter and healthier than you have ever been, you will have to do stuff you have never done before, and open your mind to new possibilities.

I am arguably in the best shape of my life. My under 21 years old self could have smashed me in a few events, but that was through natural talent and before the Standard Western Diet and copious amounts of booze took its toll. Even though I am loving where I am at currently, I am not done yet. I have work to do, just like most other people.

I will find myself in a few dead ends, but I am always looking and experimenting.

Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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Get healthy, get fit and get happy.

Target Goals – Started October 2019


Full splits

Front splits

Suspension splits aka Van Damme style


Bench Press 1.5* body weight

Deadlift 2.5* body weight

Overhead press body weight

Press ups 50 in row

Press ups 100 a day for 30 days

Press ups one arm strict form

Pull ups 20 in a row

Pull ups one arm strict form

Squat 2* body weight

Visible Abs

10% body fat


Age group GB record in anything.

North East British masters 100m Track and Field race.

Run Half marathon PB 1:50

Run 5K PB 22 minutes

Run 10K PB 50 minutes

Run the Ullswater way

Run 520 miles in a calendar year.


Camp in Cornwall

Camp in Loch Lomond

Cold showers 30 day streak

Hike Helvellyn

Miracle Morning 30 day streak

48 hour fast

72 hour fast

Completed Goals

Zero so far haha







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