My 4 Pillars of Health: Week 4

Mission Statement:

Use my 4 pillars of health to build a base of fitness, whereupon I am capable of achieving any goals with minimal specialisation.

The four pillars are: Speed, Strength, Flexibility and Diet.



As you may or may not know, I follow my version of the Carnivore/Zero Carb Diet called the Contemporary Carnivore Diet which is outlined in my book Carnivore Fit. I started a Ketogenic Diet in January 2016, and morphed into a Carnivore Diet in October 2017.

This is my first post on food, as part of My 4 Pillars of Health series.

This will lead off down many paths over the coming years. However today I just want to touch on Calories.

The majority of the general population believe Calories In Calories Out is the be-all and end-all. A lot of Carnivore and Keto people will say Calories are irrelevant.

I say it is somewhere in between.

On a Standard Western Diet like the NHS Eatwell plate, CICO are vital and should be adhered too. This is because a lot of the foods like Wholegrains are energy-rich (whilst unfortunately nutrient-poor), so you must make sure you do not over-consume.

On a Carnivore Diet. You are eating highly nutrient-dense foods, that do not spike insulin. Therefore it is less likely your body will “punish” you for overeating because you are giving it things it wants and needs.

Therefore I have personally found that CICO does matter but much less so on Carnivore.

By this I mean I seem to have a bigger calorie window now. On a SWD my calorie window is probably between 2200 and 2500 calories per day to maintain weight. On a Carnivore Diet I believe my window can be anywhere between 2000 and 3500 calories per day to maintain weight. This means it is harder for me to now gain or lose weight on Carnivore, as I am around what my natural weight is meant to be.

CICO could be a useful guide, but it can quickly fall apart under scrutiny. For example, the Flexible Diet guru’s will swear blind that CICO is the only factor, and Keto and Carnivore only works because of calorie restriction. However when you point out you are eating more calories than you used too but are losing weight, they say “oh well it is because protein has a thermic effect of 25%”, so you are actually still in a calorie deficit”. However they sell plans at the standard 4 calories per gram, and I am meant to class protein as 3 calories a gram? Weird. Also fat is 9 grams a calorie. The problem is I am in ketosis the majority of time, and that converts fat into ketones which has an energy of 7 calories per gram. So how do I calculate that? A certain percentage at 9 calories and a certain percentage at 7 calories? What about when my body has the audacity to turn stored body fat into ketones, do I have to factor in 7 calories per minute or hour for example, or is it 2 calories per unit of time, or maybe minus 2 or is it 7 + 9? You know what, I can’t be bothered to think about it. If I eat the meat I like, I am at a weight that makes me happy and confident. So why worry about the small stuff.

A Calorie is a human invention, does this really sound like something the body would care about when absorbing food? ” The energy content of food was traditionally measured using a bomb calorimetry. A sample of food, for example a small piece of a hot dog, is placed into a metal vessel called a bomb. The bomb is filled with oxygen and placed inside a container where it is surrounded by water. Then, the sample is ignited by a current of electricity. The water chamber absorbs the heat that is released as the food sample burns. A thermometer measures the rise in temperature of the water.” (1)

People who want to lose weight but haven’t tried Carnivore are doing themselves a disservice. It is incredibly effective, but also brings about a whole host of other health improvements.

Diary for the week

Monday – 04/11/2019




5am: Miracle Morning streak : Day 22. Which included Yoga For Calves – 7 minutes.

6pm: Gym


Warm up – 20kg 12 reps, 40kg 8 reps, 60kg 6 reps.

Work Sets – 80kg 3 reps for 6 sets, 1 minute rests.

Bench Press

Warm Up – 20kg 12 reps, 30kg 8 reps, 40kg 6 reps.

Work Sets – 60kg 3 reps for 6 sets, 1 minute rests.

Bent Over Rows

Warm Up – 20kg 12 reps, 40kg 8 reps, 60kg 6 reps.

Work Sets – 70kg 3 reps for 6 sets, 1 minute rests.

Tuesday – 05/11/2019




5am: Miracle Morning streak : Day 23.

6pm: Gym – 20 minutes on the treadmill. Still struggling to get over my calf injury.

Wednesday 05/11/2019




5am: Miracle Morning streak : day 24. Which included 25 Press Ups, Foot strength exercises, Yoga for Flexibility and Yoga For Calves.

6pm: Gym

Quarter Squats

Warm up – 20kg 12 reps, 40kg 8 reps, 60kg 6 reps.

Work Sets – 100kg 3 reps for 6 sets, 1 minute rests.

Overhead Press

Warm Up – 5kg 12 reps, 10kg 8 reps, 20kg 6 reps.

Work Sets – 30kg 3 reps for 6 sets, 1 minute rests.


Warm Up – 20kg 12 reps, 40kg 8 reps, 60kg 6 reps.

Work Sets – 90kg 3 reps for 6 sets, 1 minute rests.

Thursday 07/11/2019




5am: Miracle Morning streak : day 25. Which included Yoga For Calves.

6pm: Gym – 45 minutes on the Concept2 rowing machine.

Friday 08/11/2019




30 Press Ups.

Saturday 09/11/2019




Chin Ups 4 reps 5 sets

Dips 6 reps 5 sets

Single Legged Romanian Deadlifts 20kg 5 reps 5 sets

Calf raises 11 reps 5 sets

5k on the Indoor \Rower

Sunday 10/11/2019




Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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Get healthy, get fit and get happy.

Target Goals – Started October 2019


Full splits

Front splits

Suspension splits aka Van Damme style


Bench Press 1.5* body weight

Deadlift 2.5* body weight

Overhead press body weight

Press ups 50 in row

Press ups 100 a day for 30 days

Press ups one arm strict form

Pull ups 20 in a row

Pull ups one arm strict form

Squat 2* body weight

Visible Abs

10% body fat


Age group GB record in anything.

North East British masters 100m Track and Field race.

Run Half marathon PB 1:50

Run 5K PB 22 minutes

Run 10K PB 50 minutes

Run the Ullswater way

Run 520 miles in a calendar year.


Camp in Cornwall

Camp in Loch Lomond

Cold showers 30 day streak

Hike Helvellyn

Miracle Morning 30 day streak

48 hour fast

72 hour fast

Completed Goals

Zero so far haha


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