Descended From Odin – Sol Ari Brenna T-Shirt Review

This is my review for the Descended From Odin Sol Ari – Brenna T-Shirt.

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In the words of Descended From Odin “Out of the darkness, the hissing black sea, a new world will arise, green and remade. Waterfalls cascade from the gleaming rocks, an eagle cries in the clear-Blue sky, rivers teem with life. A new-born sun rides high in the heavens and the children of the old gods return to wander the green earth, abundant with crops growing wild and gold.”

The T-Shirt in the photos is a Medium, I am 6 foot and 12 stone 6 pounds ish. It is made from 100% organic cotton, and is a regular fit. It is a comfortable and durable T-Shirt, it washes well, and the print is of a high quality which looks like it should age well.

I chose this T-Shirt because it is an interesting and unique graphic. It is large and bold, yet at the same time, it is detailed. So it looks great from afar but gets better up close and personal. I love the colour too, it is perfect for autumn but will work all year round.

The website is easy to follow, the T-Shirt was easy to order, and you get a quick confirmation email. You also get a lot of shipping updates, a lot more than the majority of companies provide. They do warn you that the T-Shirt may take a few days to dispatch, however, it has never taken that long for me. Within 2 days it has been dispatched and it arrived the next day. However, note I do live in the same country as the brand.

In fact, the only issue I have with the brand is that they only have one photo of the clothing products with a model. You cannot zoom in and it would be better if there were numerous photos. This is a minor issue though, as the photo they do provide represents the product well. Plus too be fair the models all look very cool in the items, and fit the brand perfectly.

All in all a very nice T-shirt which represents value for money. It is designed for people with an interest in Viking / Norse culture, however it is just an universally interesting design that would peak the interest of anyone.


Disclaimer – I am an ambassador for DFO, however they have had no input in this review. These are my own thoughts.

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