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“The spoon exists only in the Matrix, which really means it doesn’t exist. It’s a lesson for Neo, to help him realize that manipulating the Matrix isn’t about focusing on an object and trying to change it. The object doesn’t exist, so he can’t change it, he has to change himself.”


Imagine if, at the end of your days, you could read a book that had everything you should or could have achieved. Most of us would barely have got ourselves off the first page.

Or what if you had a mirror that showed you how healthy you should look every morning. You would be far less likely to have that chocolate bar or packet of crisps wouldn’t you, if you knew how far from your potential you were.

Most of us gain inspiration. From say watching the London Marathon on the TV.

This leads to Motivation. So you start going out for a couple of runs a week.

Motivation wanes. You stop running.

The year ends and you are less fit than the start of the year. So you blame ageing, or genetics, or not having enough time, or blah blah blah.

It is the reason why Weight Watchers works as a business model, and why people will swear it works. Even though year after year they put on more weight than they lose overall.

We instead need to find inspiration. To get that brain ticking over.

Use that motivation. To get that body moving.

Then set specific short, medium and long term goals.

This means you work through inspiration & motivation peaks and dips.

The goals are for you. They should make you a better human today than you were yesterday.

How many of you have got disheartened because you lost some weight, then put it all back on again and more. So you just say to yourself. Well I tried, I just can’t lose weight, I just have to accept being fat. Then in the same breath, complain about how you look in a shirt or a dress.

Well …. there is no spoon.


You are today, what you are because of everything you have done in your entire life. You are actually right where you should be. There is no what ifs and buts. You are where you deserve to be. The good thing is if you are not happy with that, you can start improving yourself today. Start by making small but better choices. You are better off losing 0.5 pounds a week for a year, than losing 20 pounds in a month, then putting 30 pounds back on over the following 2 weeks.

This daily improvement mindset, can be applied to everything. I used weight loss because it is probably the easiest for most people to relate too.

The mind is a little trickster though, and will trick you into thinking you have made loads of good changes when in fact you have just slipped back into old ways.

So you need to track and plan what you are doing, to keep on top of it.

I am no different. So I have set myself a list of fluid goals to target. Achieving these goals, will require constant and varied training. So I will keep making health improvements. Most of the goals I have set can be incremental. For example, I have set a 5K PB target, once I have beat that I can make a new target time. If something else takes my fancy, I can add it to the list too. I obviously cannot train for them all at the same time, and will have to target certain ones at certain times. However, a lot of them are based around running, strength and flexibility. Due to daily improvement, they will all be easier to achieve as and when I target them. For example, being able to do 50 press ups without stopping will be part of the journey to being able to do a strick form 1 armed press up.

Get healthy, get fit and get happy.

Target Goals – Started October 2019


Full splits

Front splits

Suspension splits aka Van Damme style


Bench Press 1.5* body weight

Deadlift 2.5* body weight

Overhead press body weight

Press ups 50 in row

Press ups 100 a day for 30 days

Press ups one arm strict form

Pull ups 20 in a row

Pull ups one arm strict form

Squat 2* body weight

Visible Abs

10% body fat


Age group GB record in anything.

North East British masters 100m Track and Field race.

Run Half marathon PB 1:50

Run 5K PB 22 minutes

Run 10K PB 50 minutes

Run the Ullswater way


Camp in Cornwall

Camp in Loch Lomond

Cold showers 30 day streak

Hike Helvellyn

Miracle Morning 30 day streak

48 hour fast

72 hour fast

Completed Goals

Zero so far haha


Ketogenic Endurance – I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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