Descended From Odin – Fullr Styrkr Log Press (Sleeveless) T-Shirt Review.

This is my review for the Descended From Odin Fullr Styrkr – Log Press sleeveless t-shirt.

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I love this T-Shirt, I think the design is really cool. In simple terms it is just a design of a man, with a massive beard, lifting a log. What isn’t to like? haha

In the words of Descended From Odin, it is “Fullr Styrkr – meaning full strength in old Norse, our range of tees inspired by feats of strength & illustrated by the Raven from the North. The Log Press is a great strength test to ensure hired hands for war or timber work are worthy of full pay!”

I mainly got this as a training top for the Gym. So having a picture of a dude lifting a log is perfect. In fact the fella looks like my spirit guide haha, or what I used to look like in a past life. I will be spending a lot of time in the gym over the winter, and one of my targets is to build up to being able to Overhead Press my body weight. So I will definitely be wearing this top on that day. All my training over the winter will be strength based so I think this top will reflect my goals nicely over the winter months.

Also once next summer rolls back around, it is a nice top for chilling out in. It is something I could wear walking the dogs in, then jumping straight into the pub for a swift pint.

The top in the pictures is a Medium. I am 6 foot, and 12 stone 10, and it fits perfectly across the shoulders and chest. The length is just right too. It is 100% cotton, so should prove to be long lasting. It is certainly comfortable, and you can tell it is well made.

The Descended From Odin brand has really caught my eye, and you can expect to see me using more and more of their products.


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