Interview with Vesna


  1. Introduce yourself.

Hello! I’m an alternative vocalist from Slovenia (the sunny side of Alps), 22 years old and currently still working on my nutrition licence.

  1. How did you eat before Carnivore?

I tried many diets. I believe I could say I’ve done it all. At first to loose weight and later to fix the health problems that came with loosing weight in an unhealthy way. I became a vegetarian at only 12 years old. I started having health issues and from what I was reading (plant-based propaganda) I was supposed to go vegan to resolve all my problems and to loose weight  (I was never obese, but I was a bit overweight, which I wrongfully blamed on the cheese). And I did. I became vegan, lost the weight and got sicker. I first turned pale, then yellow (it looked like my liver failed, but it was the carotenoids from the provitamin A that my body wasn’t converting to vitamin A). I had anemia, slight osteoporisys (at the age of 18 I had the bones of a 40 y.o.), severe vitamin D, B12 and S-feritine (iron storage) deficiencies to the point my doctor said ”no wonder you have chronic pain, I’m honestly surprised you can sit up.”. This still didn’t stop me. I tried to do a fitness licence but all I did was run myself into the ground. I couldn’t grow muscle, not even by going back to a vegetarian diet (trying to increase my protein). I was honestly on my deathbed then. I was on and off vegan because I felt bad for eating animal products. I could only do basic survival tasks and was unable to work. I was seriously considering filing in for a disability card because of my debilitating chronic pain. I knew I needed to change. The vitamins I was prescribed had zero effect on my deficiencies. Then I found Dr.Berg with the help of my friend at the time. We both went keto and I did that for a year.  I went carnivore in November 2018.

  1. Why did you try Carnivore to begin with?

I was still bloated and hungry on a ketogenic diet. I later discovered I wasn’t digesting plant foods by eliminating anything that bloated me or made me run to the loo.

  1. How do you personally approach the Carnivore Diet?

I am more of a relaxed type. I can digest dairy well, so hard cheeses and sour cream is included in my diet. I mostly eat beef, butter and eggs, sometimes salmon with caviar and rarely chicken, and pork. I try to get as much grass-fed and wild-caught as I can afford.

  1. What benefits have you seen since starting the Carnivore Diet?

No more bloating, super fast fat loss, overall decrease in my chronic pain (I have cluster headaches), no more hunger (which is my favourite), more energy, no more acne (none at all!, see photo), muscle growth …

  1. What negatives have you found with the Carivore Diet?

None. I love this woe.

  1. Do you exercise on the Carnivore diet, if so how do you find it and what do you do?

I love exercise! I cycle, rollerblade, climb mountains, run, swim, go to the gym. I did a one month gym transformation (photo below) form my Instagram and challenged myself to long-distance walk (backpacking) for two days (which I plan to do again  in the future).


  1. What piece of advice would you give someone who is interested in trying this diet, but hasn’t taken the leap yet?

What are you still waiting for?! Give it a shot for 14 days and see how you feel. 14 days has never hurt anybody. Listen to your body, read some articles.

  1. Do you think Carnivore will ever be accepted as a mainstream diet? 

It is possible. But there is a lot of push back from the plant-based propaganda, the pharmaceutical and food industry because of profit.

  1. Anything you would like to add and where can people follow you? 

See my vegan vs carnivore face (photo below), excuse the bad quality, but I’m sure you can see the difference! Even my facial fat distribution changed and take a good look at the fullness of my lips and the amount of my hair.

You can follow me on instagram @carnivoregoth.


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