Over 400,000 views of my blog now, for 500k I might eat a steak… oh wait …. might eat a vegetable… errmm no! a steak it is.

I am really happy with how my blog is progressing. The lowest monthly views I have had this year is 26k and the highest is 30k, so that’s pretty consistent.

I view my blog as a bit like the film Inception. I am hoping just one line from one success story may embed in your brain, where it will grow and manifest in your subconscious,  then bang out of nowhere you are embracing bunless cheese and bacon burgers.

I believe humans are biologically designed to thrive on meat, due to millions of years of evolution. There is something in us that is always trying to get back to it. Everyone has a tipping point or a Ah Ha moment. For me I was just getting a bit out of shape, for others they have to suffer serious health issues before it clicks.

Whatever that tipping point is, this blog will be here showing people there is an alternative to the mainstream advice. Which is sooooooo crazy, it just might work!!!