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I love eating meat! But do I really?

I feel great, living on meat! I could be lying and feel lousy?

Maybe I am just a snowflake, and I am magically just well suited to the Contemporary Carnivore Diet. I am doing well on this diet, I promise. There is N=1

My wife is experiencing similar benefits to me. There is N=2

This Carnivore Diet Success Story series, is to help show that maybe it is really N=Many. Once you have read all the stories I have posted. Then I would recommend you visit Meat Heals for more incredible Carnivore Stories.

If you have a Carnivore Diet success story you would like to share. Please get in touch with me.

Interview with Kristin


Introduce Yourself.

I’m Kristín. 24 years old from Iceland. Pretty into yoga, cuddling my dog, walking in nature and late 60s/early 70s style and music.

How did you eat before Carnivore.

I was raised on Icelandic native food. Fish and potatoes, lamb, organ meats, a lot of dairy and so on. Got into Veganism at 19 years old, following a rough period in my life. I was vegan for 5 years up until earlier this year when I realized I had to give it up and reclaim my health.

Why did you try Carnivore to begin with.

As I introduced animal products back into my diet my body rejected all plant foods. Vegetables would cause horrible bloating and fruits just spiked my blood sugar and made me tired. Through my research I found that a lot of ex vegans were healing on a carnivore diet so I decided to give it a go.

How do you personally approach the Carnivore Diet.

I am a “relaxed carnivore” I guess since I do drink coffee. I don’t want to lose any weight, actually I’m trying to gain fat and muscle back. I eat the same things pretty much every day.

I eat raw beef. Bacon and eggs. Some organ meats here and there. Goat yogurt. Raw honey (so I don’t lose weight). Heavy cream and butter and raw cow kefir. That’s pretty much it.

I eat the beef raw because it digests so easily that way.

What benefits have you seen since starting the Carnivore Diet.

The benefits are countless.

My digestive health is restored. IBS gone. Got rid of anemia, chronic fatigue and hormone imbalances. My anxiety and depression gone, I was just starving as a vegan and it made me sad and nervous.

My sleep has improved. Used to have nightmares and had to sleep at least 10hrs a night. Now I sleep 7hrs and have energy. My appetite is less, I’m satisfied after my meals. I’m more stable and confident, less emotional and more intuitive. My skin doesn’t break out. My face looks younger and my physical health is restored.


What negatives have you found with the Carnivore Diet.

None so far.

Do you exercise on the Carnivore Diet, if so how do you find it and what do you do.

I do yoga and immediately after making the switch I noticed I am more flexible. Probably because of collagen and fat in my diet.

What piece of advice would you give someone who is interested in trying this diet, but hasn’t taken the leap yet.

Go for it. If you want to lose weight, skip the yogurt and the honey. It’s an excellent way to lose weight without becoming nutrient deficient.

Do you think Carnivore will ever be accepted as a mainstream diet.

I hope so. The grains and sugars are really to blame for obesity and heart disease.

Anything you would like to add, and where can people follow your journey.

Don’t buy into the propaganda that plants are the Holy Grail for health. It’s actually all in the meat. Raw meat has vitamin c, so it’s basically the only superfood since it has all the nutrients you can’t get from plants.



I hoped you enjoyed this interview post.

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