KetoCarnivore – Glens Journey Month 4


As we round up the halfway mark to my “getting fit again challenge” I’m excited to take on my second challenge in a couple days time. Last week I did my first half marathon in Australia and somehow it turned out to be the second fastest I’ve ever run. I did have some help though: with all my half ironmans, full ironmans, and Guinness World Record I’ve been taking Generation UCAN Superstarch. It’s the best fuel for anyone following a low carb diet. It doesn’t take you out of ketosis and ensures a steady, clean, energy source. I only save it for big days though cause it’s not cheap. If I know I’m doing something for 2 or more hours (half marathons and beyond) I take 1 scoop per hour of exertion. I first came across it listening to a podcast by Ben Greenfield and he was raving about it so I gave it a go and haven’t looked back. It’s my secret weapon. Check it out!

Goal: Spartan Race (Beast course) 4th May, Sydney Marathon in September and get body fat below 10%

Plan: Strength exercises at 90% effort and running at 80% effort to ensure I can exercise every day. Change up workout every month.

Training: Spartan Race-specific training: Running has included more hill sprints. Strength training has included rope climbs, pull-ups, dips, bear crawls.

Food: No change there, still on the KetoCarnivore diet. Bulletproof coffee in the morning. Nuts to snack on (almonds and cashews). A little bit of fruit (avocado, blueberries, grapes, and bananas). Dark chocolate for dessert.

Extras: I had hoped to report back that I’ve been smashing my training but really its been pretty average this month. The upside of that is that I’m still seeing my weight decline and my stats improving which says to me that the diet is more important than the training. Giving your body what it needs means you’re not left feeling hungry. You’re not thinking of when your next meal will be or what it will be.

Notes: Really chuffed to see my body fat sitting on 12% (I thought it might go back up to 13%) Consistent training and ketosis are the name of the game.

Stats: Here is a table of stats from all the body scans I’ve had this year:

Weight  Body Fat        Shoulders       Chest   Biceps  Waist   Hips    Thighs  Calves  BMI     Waist/Hip Ratio Waist/Height Ratio      Height
Jan-03  90.5 kg 14%     89 cm   99 cm   32 & 31cm       87 cm   109 cm  44 & 44cm       37 & 37cm       25.9    0.8     0.46    187
Feb-01  89.5 kg 13%     94 cm   102 cm  32 & 34cm       86 cm   106 cm  47 & 45cm       40 & 38cm       25.6    0.81    0.46    187
Mar-01  89.6 kg 13%     94 cm   104 cm  32 & 34cm       86 cm   106 cm  47 & 45cm       40 & 38cm       25.6    0.81    0.46    187
Apr-01  88.8 kg 12%     95 cm   104 cm  32 & 35cm       85 cm   105 cm  47 & 45cm       41 & 39cm       25.4    0.81    0.45    187
May-02  87.5 kg 12%     95 cm   104 cm  33 & 35cm       84 cm   105 cm  47 & 46cm       41 & 40cm      25         0.8    0.45    187







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