Cheesies Review


Cheesies Crunchy Popped Cheese

They are launching in the UK on the 19th April 2019

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It winds me up a bit about how few options people in the UK have for Keto or Carnivore. I follow a lot of people in America and they always seem to have more options especially in the Keto & Carnivore snack department.

So it is good to see Cheesies popping up in the UK. So I wish them the best of luck.

This snack on paper looks very appealing to anyone on a Low Carb High Fat diet.

They are all under 0.1g of Carbs per 100, and just normal cheese and salt. No added crap or preservatives. I often get approached by companies to review their food or supplements. Most of the time I have to turn them down, because even though they have been promoted as health foods. They will often have vegetable oils in them or far to many artificial sweeteners. So it was a pleasant surprise when they set me the below specifications.

Cheesies Product Specifications


So on my Contemporary Carnivore Diet, I can definitely eat these and I love cheese. All positive so far, however if they taste rubbish there isn’t much point to them is there.

…………. and

…………. they taste pretty good haha.

They remind me of the taste of those little circle disc cheese biscuits things that you always get at a kids party. That’s a good thing because I used to love those, in the good old days before I knew biscuits were terrible for you on multiple levels.

The 3 flavours are distinct and you can tell they are different cheeses. I have had and enjoy all the cheeses that the Cheesies are made from, so I liked all of them. If a blue cheese version came out, I might give that a miss! So if you fancy trying the Cheesies out I would recommend simply buying the one that you would buy if it were a block of cheese. Easy. The texture and feel of them is a bit like popcorn, which is clearly something they intended. I don’t know how they do it, but it works.

The packets I got were 60g in weight. This is more than enough. I tried to smash a whole pack in, like a packet of crisps. I failed. So I am guessing this is why they come in resealable packs, so you don’t give yourself the cheese sweats. You can come back to them later.

Overall this product has good potential. It also fits my lifestyle as I am often away camping or out walking all day. So a tasty high fat snack could be useful to me.

Hope you enjoyed the review.

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I hoped you enjoyed this interview post.

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