Glen’s Journey – KetoCarnivore – Month 3


Goal: Spartan Race (Beast course) in May. Sydney Marathon in September and get body fat below 10%

Plan: Continue working out and running at 80% effort to ensure I can exercise every day. Change up workout every month.

Training: Switched it up again to help better prepare myself for the Spartan Race. There’s 21km and 35 obstacles to conquer so we can’t exactly neglect any aspect of the training (Ross Edgley’s 12 week plan will have to wait). Running, pull ups and core work have been my focus, this month I’ll include hill sprints, bear crawls and rope climbing.

Last month I started running in Vivo barefoot shoes and learnt that I’m not flat footed. I developed lower back pain and eventually had to buy insoles. Thankfully they immediately sorted out my back pain issues (so happy I didn’t buy Vibram Five Fingers – customizing insoles for those shoes would have been a nightmare!) So slight set back, but I’ve identified the problem and found a solution.

Food: No change there, still on the KetoCarnivore diet. Bulletproof coffee in the morning. Nuts to snack on (almonds and cashews) Little bit of fruit (avocado, blueberries, grapes and bananas) Dark chocolate for dessert.

Extras: I’ve ordered a smart trainer for my road bike so that I can cycle at home and avoid the roads here (I don’t feel safe cycling on the roads here) as soon as that arrives I’ll get myself set up with Zwift. I can’t wait!

Notes: I’m going to attempt a half marathon this month, was going to do one last month but the lower back pain was a huge hindrance.

Stats: Down 1kg and down 1% body fat, everything else is the same…except my calves are both 1cm bigger. Pretty happy with that. Consistency is the key to whatever your goals are.


I hoped you enjoyed this interview post.

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