Glen’s Journey – KetoCarnivore – Month 2

I’m starting to gain traction now but the heat of Australia is still a major issue. Instead of using that as an excuse I’ve just had to work around it. Never in my life have I been getting up so early! I’m up at 5am so that I can be back before 7am (which is when temperatures start rising above 25 degrees) In the UK I used to workout in the evenings but here its way too hot to do that.

Goal: Sydney Marathon in September and get body fat below 10%

Plan: Continue working out and running at 80% effort to ensure I can exercise every day. Change up workout every month.

Training: I did the first 4 weeks of Ross Edgley’s 12 week “getting back into fitness” plan this month. Started running in minimalist running shoes (Vivobarefoot) to strengthen the muscles in my feet.

Food: KetoCarnivore diet. Bulletproof coffee in the morning. Dark chocolate for dessert. Nuts to snack on (almonds and cashews) Little bit of fruit (avocado, blueberries, grapes and bananas) Veg is minimal and only if I actually want it. My days of eating veg because I felt ‘I have to cause its good for you’ are over. If I don’t want it, I don’t eat it.

Extras: Still continuing with cold showers after exercising (Wif Hof method) Not sure if having a bulletproof coffee in the morning as my breakfast means I am technically no longer intermittently fasting? I feel like I am as I’m only having my first food of the day at lunch.

Notes: Do yourself a MASSIVE favour and get Ross Edgley’s book: The World’s Fittest book. Its not a book about how fit he is, its about what he’s learnt studying sports science and working alongside some of the worlds greatest athletes. If you want to learn how to take your training beyond what you thought was possible, this is the book to own.

Stats: Back up to 90kg (put on the weight I lost last month) but body fat percentage still the same. Chest is 6cm bigger and shoulders are 2cm wider. I think all the upper body work and less running distance is helping me bulk up a bit. I’ll keep an eye on things…


I hoped you enjoyed this post. If you haven’t already, check out Glen on Instagram @genno_shaw

He’s got a very smart way of handling his nutrition and exercise. I am looking forward to seeing where he ends up. His process differs slightly from mine, however what we both know is that consistency is key… and limiting processed junk food.

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