Glen’s Journey – KetoCarnivore Month 1: January 2019 World Carnivore Month

I have known Glen for a couple of years as an online friend I guess you would call it. Not in a pervy way, but you know the type of friends you get following crazy fad diets like Keto and Carnivore. Where you follow each other and like their photos etc.

When I first started Keto, I also started training for a marathon. So I set up a group on Strava surprisingly called Ketogenic Endurance. It is still there if you want to join it, for those interested in Fat Adapted running. Anyway Glen did a Ketogenic Diet success story for me, way back in June 2017.

He has now joined the Carnist Revolution haha. Well for a month anyway. Glen has let things slip recently, but he is getting back on track. So I asked him if he would let me document his journey on my blog. He will send me updates for as long as he does it. This is one man’s journey, he is not sponsored by Big Meat, he does not sell factory farm retail, and he does not bathe in the blood of chickens. There are many ways to get your health back on track, I am Carnivore. Glen will go down a more KetoCarnivore route I am guessing, which my Wife calls Carniketo. My definition of KetoCarnivore is a Ketogenic Diet where you are not concerned about limiting Protein. Meat is the basis of the meal, and you add low sugar fruits and vegetables because you want too: not because you think you have too.

What is the same is with Glen and I, is that we both have specific plans outlined which we can evolve as we progress. There is no magic to CONSISTENCY.

This is just one man’s journey into eating well and exercising. It could be a beautiful life long journey, or a 6 week disaster. This could be the one and only post. I have given him no advice, I have not gave him pointers on what to include, I will not chase him for updates. When he sends me an email, I will copy and paste it on my blog. Done.

Good luck Glen.

Month 1

So world carnivore month has ended and man was it a challenge! A year of travelling around the world, sampling each countries own unique cuisines and boozing was a wonderful experience but did my body no favours at all. To kick-start my journey back into fitness I wanted to send a very clear and direct message to my body: PLAYTIME IS OVER!!

Get fit again. Get body fat percentage below 10% as quickly as possible

Level 1 carnivore diet. No coffee. No alcohol. Get used to training ever day again.

Kept it simple. Train at about 80% to ensure you can workout the next day. A run every other day and a little 5x5x5* workout on the days I didn’t go for a run.
*5 exercises, 5 reps for 5 sets (pull ups, jumping squats, push ups, lunges and dips)

Meat. Cheese. Eggs. Himalayan Rock Salt. Water.

Intermittent fasting (18/6) I only ate lunch and dinner from the 5th onwards. Cold showers (Wim Hof method). Performance-wise I discovered Amino Water and its been fantastic! The first three weeks were tough, which is what I expected, but once I started drinking Amino Water I noticed a clear boost in performance – its like my muscles finally started firing on all cylinders and I’m able to maintain my intensity during my morning runs or workouts.

I developed a real love/hate relationship for the carnivore diet. I love the simplicity of it and the ease of preparation (very useful for a busy lifestyle) and minimal cleaning up afterwards. I missed having a coffee in the morning, some fruit or nuts to snack on, a beer in the evening or a bit of chocolate after dinner. It was probably too much at once for me to cut all those things out. Next year I’ll be better prepared.

For now I’m looking forward to my normal Keto diet. I look at food differently now though, I no longer look at vegetables as the source of all my vitamins and minerals and will certainly not be forcing down any more greens. I see fruit and veg for what they are (what they started out being) which is a compliment to a meal. The meal being meat and the veg being a little something to enhance the flavour.

Pictures attached and already there’s been progress for just one month, down 1% body fat and lost 2kgs.


I hoped you enjoyed this post. If you haven’t already, check out Glen on Instagram @genno_shaw

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