Guest Post – Keto Smart Coffee


Snacking on Keto? Really?

One of the great benefit of a High Fat Low Carb diet is that you don’t feel the need to snacking during the day. When you have three hearty meals full of healthy fats hunger is kept at bay for hours after each meal. And that is great! Probably you are doing a great job regarding your diet, you are highly motivated and please keep doing what you do.

But this is not always the case, isn’t?

Many of us, including myself, have to deal with the chaotic pattern of the modern way of life. Irregular working hours; the meeting that kept longer; an unexpected travel that supposed to end today but it didn’t; a long traffic line that ruined your schedule; that spreadsheet file of 4500 lines of raw data that needs to be processed right now. And the list can go on for many pages. For some of us, it is not always applicable to program our meals, our day to day activities and to be always 100% focused.

Hey, that is ok. This is life and we don’t give up our nutritional goals. A Keto diet is more than planning your meals; it is a way of loving yourself and taking care your body.

If this is the case, then snacking some days may be a powerful tool to maintain your willpower, your focus and boost your energy in times of great need.

What a Keto Friendly Snack should be about?

There are hundreds of options in the market that offers a great variety of products. But when it comes to snacking on a keto diet there are some things we need to consider.

Firstly, a snack is not a meal replacement. Therefore, it should contains enough calories to boost you up until your next meal, but not so much. Anything around 60-120 kcal should do the job and keep you going. More calories may affect your appetite and less might not be enough to keep the hunger away.

Most importantly, a keto friendly snack should contain as energy source healthy natural fats. There is nothing worse than taking an unhealthy snack especially when you are trying hard to keep your keto diet in a balance.

Lastly, a snack should be easy to carry with you and also be an all day option meaning that it will be pleasant to consume regardless the time of the day.

Keto friendly coffee and creamers

One of the best option for snacking is a coffee with a fat based creamer, low in carbs and full with healthy fats. Coffee is an all day beverage, including the non caffein version (decaf). As a product is easy to carry around and most of the time easy to make, as a standard ingredient to provide the hot water and sometimes your creamer of choice.

The average keto friendly coffees (or creamers) that are available on the market right now offer around 6.5 grams of fats with the most frequently calorie content around 70. Most of them use MCT as fat source but there are other options as well like butter, DHA Omega 3 and Sunflower.


KETO Smart coffee is the only instant coffee mix packed with 10 grams of olive oil. Olive oil is one of the best fat source because it is more than just a fat. It contains other nutrients like natural antioxidants and has unique health benefits. Olive oil has a omega 6:omega 3 ratio and it is full with monounsaturated fats.


Yes, monounsaturated fats. If you are a supporter of saturated fats on keto diet you may find this a little bit disturbing, but 10 grams of olive oil daily as a snack is only 4-10% (depending on your goals) of the total fat that you should consume daily. Olive oil should be included on your diet because you may benefit of the unique nutritional profile; remember it is not only a fat source but a healthy natural juice full of other ingredients. It is also contains saturated fats; less than MCTs or coconut oil but still does!

For that reason we believe that olive oil in a snack may be an extremely useful and healthy choice in ketogenic diets. Keto Smart coffee with olive oil has a calorie content around 100 Kcal and offers almost double fat of the majority of other coffees and creamers. As a Greek Company we are using our expertise in olive oil and inside a Keto smart product you will find only the best extra virgin olive oil. We are even using Stevia from local producers to get the utmost of the rich Greek agriculture and to ensure the premium high end quality of a natural tasty hot beverage.

You can find Keto Smart instant coffee with olive oil in Indiegogo Campaign. Support our first production, and be the first to take a zip of a premium natural snack. Please visit our campaign to take a look. Make a contribution and show your love by sharing!

Ketogenic Endurance – this is not something I would buy myself, as I don’t currently consume Olive Oil. However I am all for helping out up and coming Keto companies and products, by giving them a bit of exposure. 


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