SKINS review: DNAmic PRIMARY Top and Half Tights


“Stay committed to your active goals all year round with SKINS DNAmic PRIMARY Men’s Long Sleeve Top. With a low neckline for comfort and a minimal seam design that won’t dig into your skin, this long sleeve compression top reduces injury risk and keeps your performance consistent on the field or in the gym.”

It is no exaggeration to say that I only wear SKINS clothing when exercising. In fact I would now feel weird wearing anything else.

I see this Primary top as an all rounder. As a compression top it is not as tight as the DNAmic ultimate cool range for example, but provides more compression support than the Activewear T-Shirts. It is a top I could go for a run in, do some indoor rowing or lift some weights in. A true everyday compression top. I would image it would be a good top to do team sports training in too.

I love the look of the top. It has a minimalist look to it. However, it also has a bit of a shine to it. This makes your definition stand out a bit, so people will still notice your physique. Sometimes black exercise clothing dulls your look, this top doesn’t do that. In fact, I often look more muscular in it than I really am.

This is a top that could be worn all year round, although probably not in the depths of winter in England where I live. I will have to get my SKINS thermal clothing out for that time of year.


“Take up the pace on your morning run or amp up your reps on leg day in SKINS DNAmic PRIMARY Men’s Half Tights. With a soft, wide waistband that anchors comfortably onto your hips and a minimal seam design that won’t irritate the skin, these full-length compression leggings are made for practical comfort, whatever your sport.”

I also got the half tights, which match the top. This is the second pair of half tights I have from SKINS.

I am a bit of a snob when it comes to my exercise clothing. Basically I like to match. So if I have the top, I usually get the tights or shorts to match.

I am a fan of all the half tights SKINS offer. Your thighs and quads are huge muscles, and you are at risk of injuring them. So I like the compression aspect of the half tights, but also the functionality and adaptability of the shorts.

These also have nice deep pockets, so you can keep your keys safe when working out. As with the top, I have worn these on runs, the rowing machine and lifting weights. There is nothing much to add. They are high quality half tights. If you want a pair of shorts, which also provide compression. Then these should be right at the top of your to get list.

I have seen SKINS really push on over the last couple of years, I am excited to see where they end up. Right at the top, hopefully.


SKINS provided me with these items, to provide an honest review.








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