SKINS review: DNAmic Elite Recovery Tights


“After pushing your legs to the edge during intense training sessions or competitions, SKINS DNAmic ELITE RECOVERY Men’s Long Tights boost oxygen delivery to sore, tired muscles to reduce swelling and enhance your natural recovery rate so you can get back on fresh legs in time for tomorrow’s session. Wear these high-performance recovery leggings for at least three hours after exercise for best results.”


I am a big fan of SKINS, and they have really upped their range this year. You can wear their gear for all manner of activities. They have yet to release a compression tuxedo or wedding suit though, so there is still room for expansion!

I do a fairly wide range of activities. Mainly running, indoor rowing, weight lifting, hiking and dog walking. So I do put my legs through some work.

So the Elite Recovery tights did appeal to me. I have worn them after runs and leg days in the gym.

I do find that there are recovery benefits to them, however it is hard to quantify how much. It could be 1%, 10% or 50%. It is really hard to judge. It could even be complete placebo. However, for me there is a place in my wardrobe for these recovery tights.

I wear these at night in the house, after leg based exercise. So mainly, they have to be very comfortable or else I would not wear them regardless of the benefit. I eat the majority of my daily food in one large meal at the end of the day. So my evening wear has to be comfortable. I normally wear some jogging bottoms or pajama bottoms. So these tights have to be equally as comfortable, and they are. I have even worn them to bed, and kept them on all night as a test. They are compression tights but aren’t as tight as the normal tights, and are made from a thicker material. The waist band is also very comfortable, yet is also secure. I have no issue sat vegging out in front of the TV with these on.

So in conclusion I would say that if you take exercise relatively seriously and can afford them, then you should consider them. As any improvement in recovery, will help prevent injuries and improve your next work out.


SKINS provided these tights for an honest review.








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