SKINS review: K-Proprium


“Stay strong during high-intensity workouts and hard-knock sports in SKINS K-PROPRIUM ULTIMATE Posture Men’s Short Sleeve Top. Designed to protect your upper body muscles with our highest DNAmic Gradient Compression profile and tape your upper body muscles into place with strategically placed Proprioceptive Power Bands, it’s a must to keep you feeling stronger for longer and minimize injury in your arms, shoulders and core.”

I think it was August when I received the SKINS newsletter, and they highlighted their new range that would be coming out. I was immediately drawn to this top, and I was pretty obsessed with getting it.

I train for marathons in the summer, but in the winter I do weightlifting and HIIT training for cardio. I also have sub-optimal posture and rounded shoulders. So I thought this could be the perfect top for my winter training.

It did not disappoint. This is a brilliant top, in fact, I would almost call it equipment. I use it when I am doing upper body days. Specifically when I am doing bench presses, and upright rows.

Getting this top on is a workout in itself, it is very tight and a struggle to get on. Especially if you aren’t uber flexible. I have no issues with that though, it is a compression top after all. It is meant to be tight. Once you have it on you can feel where the power bands are. They are not uncomfortable though, but you can definitely feel where they are though.

The top helps me keep mindful about my posture when doing my exercises.

So practically it is a very useful top, but there are two sides to every top. Namely, what does it look like? Well, I think it looks cool AF. The colour is great, the graphic design is subtle, and the panels give it a bit of a 3D look. I am very happy with this top.


“When the demands of fast-paced, heavy-weight sport start to take their toll, gear your legs in SKINS K-PROPRIUM X-FIT Men’s Long Tights. We’ve combined our highest DNAmic Gradient Compression profile with Proprioceptive Power Bands to boost blood flow through your legs and stabilise active muscles to reduce risk of injury to your Achilles tendon, ITB and TFL when your legs start to tire.”

To go with the top, I got these tights for the same reason. I wanted tights to do the same job for my leg days.

These definitely do that. Again they are difficult to get on, which is a sign of quality in a compression item.

I like functional training. This means I am more likely to be doing Squats and Deadlifts, than being on Isolation machines.

I don’t think I ever want to do Leg Day without these tights again. They are brilliant. One example of why I believe this is that. When Squatting your knees have to slightly open up. If your knees come inwards, injuries can occur. With these tights on you can actually feel when your knees come in, it pulls on the tights. So it helps you be mindful of your form.

Let’s be honest over 90% of your results and injuries will be down to preparation and form. However if you can get a couple of extra percentage benefit from clothing, then it is something that should be considered. The less injuries you get, and the quicker your recovery, the quicker you can work out again.


I have two pairs of Activewear shorts in Blue and Utility. I like these shorts for running in the summer. However I often wear them over the top of my tights when I am working out in the gym. As SKINS tights leave very little to the imagination. So there is a little tip for you.

“Made from lightweight, quick dry fabric, ACTIVEWEAR Network 4 Inch Shorts are designed to help you go the distance in maximum comfort. With strategically placed eyelets and laser cut details for added ventilation, these active shorts are ideal for summertime training.”

SKINS provided me with the items in exchange for an honest review.








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