SKINS review: ACTIVEWEAR Avatar Singlet


You can buy the reviewed item here: SKINS. At the time of writing it was a bargain at £15 due to a 50% sale. Still a good price at the usual £30.

If you are after a tank or vest top, this would be an excellent choice. It is designed to keep you cool and dry in the summer months.

The design is excellent, and it fits really nicely. It is a slimmer fit, but because the fabric is so soft you barely remember you are wearing anything. It is a perfect top for me to wear in the gym for weightlifting and indoor rowing. It is also a handy top for jogging in the hot weather. You really have to work up a major sweat before you notice any signs of it on the vest. The vest is very versatile, I have worn it with all my SKINS shorts and tights.


The only negative I have with the top is that I have the Citron Marle (bright yellow) version, and it is like a homing beacon for these little beetle fly things we get where I live. Not sure if this is a problem all over or just in the North of England. So I can only wear this top in the gym now, it is too annoying to wear it outside in the summer.

Overall it is an excellent addition to the range of SKINS products I already have.


SKINS provided me with the item for an honest review.







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