Softstar Shoes review – Dash RunAmoc – customised


This review is for my new Dash RunAmoc’s, this is the fourth pair of SoftStar Shoes I have.

“Finally, a shoe you can slip on, lace-up…and forget about! From the streets to the trails, work meetings to the Leadville 100, these super soft, ridiculously flexible minimal shoes let you move lightly, strongly, and responsively through your daily journeys, no matter where they may take you. Available with two VibramTM sole options to let you choose your own adventure, your classic Dash RunAmocs will quickly become your new favorite mode of transportation!

  • Made with Premium, responsibly-sourced leathers
  • Choose your VibramTM rubber sole: 5mm Trail sole or 2mm Street sole
  • Zero drop sole between toe and heel
  • Spacious toe box allows feet to stretch comfortably
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Made in USA: designed and handcrafted in Oregon using US-sourced materials”


I am a minimalist shoe convert. I got into minimalist running a couple of years ago. I loved the freedom of running almost barefoot. Then it dawned on me that I was running in minimalist shoes, but spending the rest of my day to day life in normal shoes. I thought this was pretty silly.

I have found that the range Softstar Shoes offers, enables you to live a full minimalist lifestyle. I have the Hawthorne’s for more formal occasions and for work. I have the Moc3s for shorter road running and for the gym. Then I have 2 pairs of RunAmocs for an everyday shoe.

I felt I needed a second pair of RunAmocs for 2 reasons. Firstly, vanity. My other pair were brown. So I wanted a black pair, as certain chino and jean combinations go with brown and black shoes. Secondly, and the most important is that I do put these through a lot of use.

I wear RunAmocs for longer distance road runs, trail runs, indoor rowing, weight lifting, dog walking, hiking, shopping, and importantly going to the pub!


I decided to go with a customized RunAmoc this time. I had in mind a mainly black shoe with some white in it, as my favourite football team is Newcastle United. However when playing around with the colour combinations, I found that Silver looked better. So I went with that.

The customiser on the site is very simple to use, and the mock up of the shoe is excellent. So you have a very good idea of what you are getting. It only took a couple of minutes to get a design I wanted. This was probably a bit easier for me, as I knew what size I would need and what soles I prefer. I always go with the 5mm trail sole, so I am not limited with what I can do in them.

As I have mentioned I put all my Softstar Shoes through a lot of vigorous use. I have had zero quality issues with any of them. This is incredible because they are so soft, so you would think they would wear out quickly. They do not, all my shoes are still in very good condition and I have had my first RunAmocs for 2 years.

So in conclusion, my new RunAmocs are excellent and I highly recommend the brand in general.


Softstar shoes provided me with the shoes, in exchange for an honest review.







4 responses to “Softstar Shoes review – Dash RunAmoc – customised”

  1. Steeny Lou Avatar

    I’m just starting to look into RunAmocs, having recently heard of them. I’m curious as to how long they might last. Yours is the first mention I’ve seen of that, but it looks like you’re still relatively new to them at two years, no? I like how my Birkenstock Arizona sandals can give me a decade or more when treated well, and can be re-soled when required.


    1. ketogenicendurance Avatar

      I use them for running so they won’t last me a decade but they are very good


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