SKINS review: Bergmar men’s short sleeve top


I have two of these tops, one in Utility/Marle and one in Navy Blue Marle.

SKINS ACTIVEWEAR Men’s Bergmar Round Neck Short Sleeve Tee combines moisture managing jersey fabrics with anti-odour features to keep you active and comfortable during warm weather sessions. Whether it’s strength, cardio, flexibility or team sport on your active plan, this light t-shirt is a must for everyday sweat sessions.”

At the time of writing this top was £35. For me, this is excellent value for money.


The fit is ridiculously good. It is the exact fit I like. It is slim fitting and hugs your body. However, it doesn’t look like it is trying too hard to be slim fitting. You know the types of t-shirts I mean, where it looks like someone is wearing body paint.

It also hugs your shoulders and biceps nicely. So if you have some definition in these areas, these t-shirts will definitely show them off nicely. The neck is cut quite tight and high up compared to the average t-shirt. If I knew this before, it might have put me off from getting them. This would have been a mistake. The neckline is very comfortable and it makes your traps look bigger too.


I mainly wear these t-shirts in the gym. They are very stylish, however, they are also practical and do not interfere in any gym movements. Whether that is weight lifting or cardio. Unless you are an overly sweaty person, it is very difficult to get visible sweat marks in these t-shirts. Which is obviously another bonus.

As with a lot of the SKINS products, you would be brave to wear these if you were overweight or self-conscious. However if you are in decent shape or rock whatever shape you are, then I would highly recommend this top. If you are on the edge of two sizes, I personally would recommend going for the bigger size.


SKINS provided me these tops for an honest review.







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