My second eBook is up on Amazon. It is the first in a 6 book series.


I believe eating a Contemporary Carnivore Diet is the very essence of the most basic and primal diet for humans. Basically I believe it is our species appropriate diet, for most if not all people on this planet.

The Contemporary Carnivore Diet is very simple and very effective. So I have started to look into if very basic exercise principles, performed consistently will provide results.

The only way to do this is, is to do it myself.

So over 6 months and 6 eBooks, I will look deeper into the Carnivore Diet. I will also devise and follow a very simple Strength Training program.

Finally. I will attempt to use the Contemporary Carnivore Diet to reduce my weight to 165lbs, which will be very lean for me. This will allow me to qualify for the lightweight category in the Concept2 rowing rankings. For these 6 months I will focus entirely on improving my 100m indoor rowing sprint time.