A big thank you to anyone who has read my blog.

I am over 200k views now. It took 22 months to get my first 100k, and just over 7 months to get my second 100k. So I am very pleased.

This blog has always been a personal journey, but a personal journey built to show others that they can take charge of their own health. However they decide to do that.

I do nothing special, there is no magic pill or cheat. This is a journey of applying ancestral knowledge to the modern day supermarket. It is about consistency in the kitchen and to a lesser extent in the gym or on the roads. Therefore it is a journey everyone can replicate for themselves, if they wish.

Eating Pizza is nice, but eating food that restores your health is nicer.

As a thank you for support. You can get 20% off my Etsy store between the 25th and 31st October 2018.