So I can call myself a published author now. I have an eBook on Kindle whoop whoop.

Buy Now: The Contemporary Carnivore Diet: Ancient Food for Ancient Health and Fat Loss in a Modern World

To call it a book is a stretch, it is only classed as 15 pages…. but it’s a pocket rocket.

There are going to be a lot of books out regarding the Carnivore Diet coming out soon. Some really big players like Shawn Baker all have books out in 2019. I am sure there will be a lot of negative books and articles out too.

This book is not a walk through time on how and why I believe we are Carnivores. This is not a breakdown of how lame the Vegan Diet is. This is not based on scientific studies. I am not going to discuss why it helps with the diseases of civilisation.

This book is a hey, you found this book because you want a change in diet and/or lifestyle. I will give you bullet points to follow, and your job is to follow them.

Your job is not to worry about the how’s and why’s. You just do it.

The book includes my world famous Contemporary Carnivore Diet đŸ™‚

Then it introduces an even more belly fat blitzing Contemporary Carnivore Cut Diet.

A combination of these two diets, will keep you lean AF for the rest of your life. Even without exercise. Although you will end up feeling so great, that you will want to exercise.

On top of this I have produced a Journal book called I, Carnivore on Amazon that you can track your diet and progress with. I often make notes on my phone. However there is nothing like using actual pen and paper. I honestly think it sinks in more, it is more of a personal link which you get more from in the long run.

The pink carnivore logo, is available on T-Shirts, Hoodies and Mugs.

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