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Extra Beef:

The below original post was posted by my good self back in September 2017. It was my first toe dip into the Carnivore Diet. So I thought I would provide a little update….. I am still doing it haha.

I firmly believe the traditional ketogenic diet is a tremendous way of eating. It changed my life for the better. However after just 12 days on Carnivore, I found out that there was a further level I could step up to. There are many reasons this could be so, however I think the benefit to me is that the extra Protein. However you also still get the benefits of being fat adapted. Even though I am eating between 160 – 200 g of protein a week now, I am still fat adapted and in ketosis.

I have developed my own way of approaching the Carnivore Diet, and it is the Contemporary Carnivore Diet. Humans are obviously omnivores, however only because it is a poor definition. See this post to see why we are Facultative Carnivores.

Stick with me and I will keep on with my rambles on eating meat and exercising.

All the best.


Original Post

The Carnivore Diet aka Zero Carbs – 12 days of Meat!

In the sites and groups I like, you hear the term N=1 a lot. It basically means self experimentation. In fact this page and my blog is one big personal N=1 journal. Obviously the main issue with N=1 is that it is so subjective. No matter how often I tell my family and friends how much better you feel on low carbs, they are unlikely to listen to me. Mainly because they know I love a fad, and I am probably one of the weirdest people they know. Plus until they get sick they are not going to care, and even when they do they will probably just go down the medication road rather the preventative one.

Anyway that is why I am interested in what Shawn Baker (https://twitter.com/SBakerMD?lang=en) is doing with the NequalsMany idea. He has set up the website http://nequalsmany.com/. Where they can collate all the N=1 info into a scientifically meaningful study. So fingers crossed this time next year you could have a paper on how 1000’s of people thrived on a Carnivore Diet. And the opposite is true, they might all die of scurvy. I just want to know either way!

And let’s be honest there is no way you are going to get funding for a study like this through the normal channels, as nearly all nutritional studies out there are funded by food or pharmaceutical companies one way or another.

I have been researching into zero carbs for a while now, along with intermittent fasting. Its fascinating stuff. However it must be fanciful crap, as we are omnivores right? We have molars and nails, not fangs and claws. We have gut bacteria to ferment and digest vegetables; vegetables are our main source of vitamins and minerals. We were hunter GATHERERS for bleeding sake. Well we have molars and nails because we evolved from primates and developed the ability to speak. It would be difficult to recite Shakespeare with massive Sabre-toothed tiger fangs. Plus meat is expertly tenderized by our molars. If we had evolved eating a significant amount of vegetables, it is likely we would have much more powerful jaws. Then to the gut, we can eat vegetables but is it optimal? The ratio of our small intestines to colon is comparable to that of carnivores, not omnivores/herbivores. Then there is the rabbit hole of are all the nutrients in plants available to us. It seems they are not, and that is ignoring the question of anti-nutrients plants have developed not to be eaten. They can’t run away after all, yet want to survive and reproduce. Also vitamin RDA’s are based on guess work for people on a standard western diet, there is evidence to suggest people on low carb do not need the same amount. For example glucose and Vitamin C fight for the same transport system. Meaning the more carbs you eat the more Vitamin C you need to survive, and guess what if you are keto/zero carb you need less Vitamin C; much less in fact. This is annoying as if you think of high Vitamin C sources, you have been educated that you need Fruit and Fruit Juices. It’s almost like plants know how limited our nutritional guidelines are.  Oh and red meat obviously gives you heart disease blah blah blah, so stay away from the devils food!!!

It seems for 2.5 million years we made huge evolutionary leaps prioritising red meat, and the last 12,000 years prioritising agriculture. Obviously agriculture allowed us to conquer the globe, but it doesn’t mean it is optimal for health.

Below is a nice article. You can use nitrogen isotopes in bones to work out the protein content of a diet. It states European Neanderthals ate pretty much only Mammoths, whoops. Then early European Humans (includes the Paleo era), ate almost only large herbivores, game and fish. We relatively according to size consumed more meat protein than Wolves and Hyenas!!! That makes it unlikely we bothered gathering side salads to go with our steaks. We obviously did eat a bit of fruit and vegetables when in season, but we would have been going 9 maybe 10 months of the year eating almost exclusively meat. My Grandad and Nana have an allotment. The time they give me fresh fruit is a matter of weeks, the rest of the time I get fruit it is frozen. Oh and fruit ripens just at the time someone might want to fatten up for winter, just saying.

This is the article – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2752538/

This blog post is not meant to be vegan and vegetarian bashing, its just the road I am going down. We spent most of our history eating for arguments sake 90% red meat and fish. On a Standard American Diet people currently consume around 20% meat & fish protein and upwards of 70% carbs. There are other factors but this is one of the main reasons we are sicker and frailer than we have ever been, in my opinion.

However if you like eating vegetables and think they are nutritionally important, then eat away. It is just that I am reading a lot of material where you don’t need to eat vegetables and you can thrive without them. However I do like the taste of vegetables and fruit, so I am sure I will eat them again in moderation. Either way Keto or Carnivore, if you cut the crap processed carbs and refined sugars…. you are going to feel great. Find the path what is right for you.

Anyway that is why I have been eating only steak, beef mince, eggs, cheese and butter for the last 12 days. If I feel crap then I will stop, if I feel great I will continue. Currently I feel great, but I will evaluate on a weekly basis.

Day 1

Lunch – 200g ribeye steak and 3 fried eggs.

Dinner – 200g ribeye steak, and beef mince (250g) burger & cheese (100g) patties.

Calories: 2300, carbs 3g (1%), protein 185g (32%), fat 171g (67%).

Felt good today, full and no fatigue. It is a stupidly simple diet, only boredom down the road might catch me out.

Day 2

Lunch – beef mince (250g) burger & cheese (100g) patties.

Dinner – 200g rump steak and 3 fried eggs.

Snack – 60g mature cheddar cheese.

Calories 1909, carbs 4g (1%), protein 154g (32%), fat 142g (67%).

I enjoyed my lunch and dinner like yesterday. However I got hungry about 9:30pm, so had to have some extra cheese. This was down to not having a steak at lunch, or having rump instead of ribeye which is less fatty. Probably a combination of both, but mainly the lack of a second steak. I need to make sure I am eating enough.

Day 3

Lunch – 3 eggs and rump steak.

Dinner – Burger (250g) and Cheese (60g) patties. Ribeye (200g) steak with butter.

Calories 1868, carbs 4g (1%), protein 176g (38%), fat 127g (61g).

I was pretty hungry in the morning, but had a couple of black coffees and a couple of cups of water which got me through to lunch time. There is nothing wrong with feeling hungry though, its a feeling we should have more often in modern times.

Day 4

Lunch – Beef Mince (200g) & Cheese Patties (60g), and a ribeye (200g) steak.

Dinner – 3 boiled eggs.

Calories 1852, carbs 3g (1%), protein 154g (33%), fat 136g (66%).

I went for a 9 mile run after work. Felt good, no energy or fatigue issues. However I did not feel hungry after my run, and it was quite late. So I just had 3 boiled eggs and some cheese for dinner.

Day 5

Lunch – half a whole cooked chicken from Tescos.

Dinner – Cheeseburger patty. Ribeye steak.

The chicken didn’t really satisfy me, it filled a hole but its not something I would want to do regularly. It is a good option though if I haven’t prepared anything.

Day 6

Lunch – 2 cooked Sausages from Tescos, 4 slices of corned beef and some cheese.

Dinner – Cheeseburger Patty, Ribeye steak.

Calories 1811, carbs 7g (2%), protein 160g (35%), fat 126g (63%)

I left my lunch in the fridge at home, so for the second day running I had to improvise. This is not ideal, I do need to try to be better prepared or less forgetful anyway! Arguably the Carnivore Diet is slightly easier to eat on the fly than Keto is, so that’s a bonus.

Day 7

Lunch – Cheeseburger patties.

Dinner – 2 Ribeye steaks and butter.

Calories 1898, Carb 1g (0%), protein 169g (36%), fat 134g (64%).

A week in and I feel great, full of energy, no cravings.

Day 8 -12

These days were pretty similar to the previous 7 days, so I did not think it necessary to write it all down.

One thing I did notice was that on day 8, I ran 18 miles and walked 5 miles back to back. I was sore on the day, but the next day there was no soreness at all. I felt like I could go back out for another run. This is unusual, normally I would have been sore for 2-3 days.


Start weight 12st12, after 12 days of meat I weigh….. 12st3. Awesome!!!

I have affectively being doing 16/8 intermittent fasts, along with the nutrient density benefits of the meat.

I am having a mini holiday now, but when I get back I will get back into the carnivore lifestyle. I will mainly be eating beef, and incorporate a little fish, pork and chicken into the diet to mix it up. However if I do not feel as good as I did just eating mainly beef, I will drop them like a hot potato. In fact for N=1 fairness, I will add these extra meats back into my diet 1 at a time so I know which specific ones cause any issues.

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