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What a great month July was. A run by England to the latter stages of the World Cup, a pretty much straight month of Sunshine, lots of BBQs, lots of socializing and a full weeks worth of Camping in North Wales.

Even with this socializing which usually comes with alcohol, I am feeling really good at the moment. This is showing in my gym time. I am noticeably putting on muscle and I just feel a lot stronger. This is happening on a Low Carb diet, and mainstream dogma will tell you that you have to eat carbs to put on muscle. It is all I want to do at the moment, which is a shame as I have a 10k road race in October. So I do need to spend a bit of time running in August and September.


I averaged over 3000 kcal this month, which is a daily calorie surplus of on average 447. This 3000 calories is less nutrient dense than it should be. It includes alcohol and a weeks camping trip, where I had a lot of ice cream haha. If I could get around 3000 kcal from just animal food products, I think I might become superhuman.



I have actually put on around 4 pounds this month, yet my body fat has come down around 0.5%. So this suggests I have put on some muscle, as my waist size has stayed the same. However like I have said, I have had some consistent extras like ice cream and booze on my holidays. So I will have put on some water weight at least. So I am not too bothered by my weight and body fat this month. I would hope that my weight and body fat at the end of August is below that of the end of June.


I am able to keep my protein pretty consistent, I am around 1.1g of protein per pound of body weight which I am happy with. As you can see even when I was camping between the 22nd and 29th, I still managed to eat a lot of protein. I just had some ice cream and chocolate etc on top.


Pretty much the same story here. I naturally keep my fat pretty consistent.  It only took larger swings when I was camping. Even then the grams were petty good, although there would have been a sacrifice on quality. There would have been more unhealthy fats mixed in with my usual healthy fats.


Basically you can just read my carb count as a representation of my booze and ice cream consumption throughout the month. Mainly going out drinking when the World Cup was on, and eating a few naughty things when camping.

In conclusion, what I have noticed is that as I am not fighting metabolic disease. I can have a weeks holiday and it will not effect me too much. I just snap right back to where I was before once I start eating meat again. The probably is if you are constantly in a holiday mode, then the elastic band gets worn and it does not snap back as well.

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