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Ketogenic Diet & Carnivore Diet: Butter vs Margarine (Extra Beef)

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The below post is the 3rd most read post on my blog. This is encouraging because at least some people are questioning these things.

I am on a Carnivore Diet, rather than a traditional Ketogenic Diet. The principles are the same though real food in close to natural forms. The Carnivore Diet is still high fat, and I am still fat adapted. I have just ditched the plants.

I do still eat butter, but a lot less than before. I just mainly use it when frying eggs. The meat I eat is fatty enough not to need butter or oils to cook them.

I obviously still hate margarine though and everything it stands for.

You can’t go much wrong with the below mindset:

  1. Avoid foods created in the last 200 years as much as possible. Think products that are food like products rather than real food, or food that needs to be made in a factory, for example: Cereal, Vegetable Seed Oils like Canola or Sunflower Oil, Processed Sugar & Margarine.
  2. Limit your intake of food created in the last 15,000 years. These are generally real plant foods and or plant food with smaller amounts of processing. Think traditionally made breads, vegetables and fruits. You can stick dairy in here too. I always pretend I am fine with Dairy, but if I have too much of it I get congestion. So I limit it. The more robust your body is the more you can handle of these foods if you want. The more health issues you have like obesity, diabetes, allergies, joint pain, depression – then the more you should limit these foods.
  3. Freely eat anything available over 15,000 years ago that is not poisonous.

This is why I eat like this: Contemporary Carnivore Diet, and why I think it works.


Original Post

Disclaimer right at the top here – I am a Keto enthusiast clearly. Living on a Ketogenic Diet means, you eat low carb high fat. So I have to believe that butter is good for you, because I eat a tonne of it. So this post is brazenly pro butter, because I love butter and I think margarine is legalized poison. Just because I am clearly biased, definitely not a doctor, chemist or scientist, doesn’t mean I am wrong though haha.

I try to only eat grass fed butter, and that is the reason for the post really. I can go into most supermarkets and only have a choice of 1 or 2 grass fed butters. I mainly opt for Kerrygold. Now in the same section I have the choice of probably 15-20 types of margarines or spreads!!!

So lets compare –

How Butter is made –

  • Take the cream off the milk.
  • Churn it.
  • Drain off the buttermilk.
  • You have butter.

How Margarine is made –

  • Cheap vegetable oil is used, e.g. Soy and Canola.
  • They are steam cleaned, which turns the oil rancid and removes all vitamins and nutrition. However doesn’t remove all residues of pesticides and solvents.
  • Oil put through a hydrogenation process, which is a chemical process involving toxic substances like Nikal.
  • Oil is now semi solid; however it is grey and lumpy and smells really bad. So they add emulsifiers.
  • They steam clean it again to remove the smell, and bleach it.
  • They finally add vitamins and artificial flavours… and the kicker… they add yellow colouring to make it look more like butter.

So straight away, why would you choose margarine over butter.

Oh wait Butter is bad for you right? and all them margarines make loads of health claims on their tubs and websites right?. Well its all BS really. Butter is good for you –

  1. Butter contains high levels of Fat-Soluble Vitamins. Guess what; you need fat to absorb some vitamins. Without dietary fat it doesn’t matter how many multi-vitamin tablets you take, you will not be absorbing and storing Vitamin power houses like A, D, E, and K2.
  2. Fat does not make you fat. Guess what does, processed carbs/sugars. Yes butter is high in calories, but it satiates you. So you are less likely to snack or eat large portions.
  3. Butter contains fatty acids, like Butyrate and CLA. Fatty acids have numerous benefits relating to reducing triglycerides, improving insulin sensitivity, improving metabolism and improving mitochondrial health.
  4. Butter is obviously very high in saturated fat, but so what. Saturated fat causes heart disease doesn’t it? Nope! Not the dietary kind anyway. Dietary Saturated fat doesn’t get to your blood stream because your body likes it, knows what it is and uses it. The saturated fat in your blood, is actually mainly caused by all the stress the Liver has to go through processing too many carbs.
  5. Butter raises your cholesterol shock!!! High cholesterol is bad for you right! Nope, not necessarily. There is good (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL), in fact there are 3 types really. The good (HDL), the good/bad (large LDL), and the bad/bad (small LDL or triglycerides). It is the triglycerides that contribute to heart disease. Butter increases you HDL, and increases the ratio of large LDL to small LDL. So butter actually lowers your risk of heart disease. This is all good because your body actually requires cholesterol. Your brain is made up from a large percentage of it. Also for us men, you can’t make testosterone without it.

Below is a list of benefits a well know margarine company has put on their website promoting their products as a way to live a healthy life.

  1. 80% less saturated fat than Butter. So what!!… dietary saturated fat does not lead to health complications. It was just originally presumed that the link they found between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease was related to how much fat you consumed, it isn’t. It is how many carbs you intake especially the processed kind.
  2. Oils from healthy plant oils. Nope. The Vegetable oils they use are horrendous for your health, due to the heat pressing required to get the oil. It destroys the oil at cellular level, basically becoming poison to the human body. Increasing inflammation and free radicals. You should always get cold pressed oils like, Olive, Hemp, Avocado and Coconut.
  3. Healthier than butter. Erm! So they promote themselves as the healthy option to butter, yet add butter milk. Which is the leftover from butter, which doesn’t have the nutritional benefits of butter just the waste.
  4. Emulsifiers – they say they use emulsifiers like lecithin, which your body requires and is found in healthy foods like sunflower seeds and egg yolk. They don’t say they only use lecithin, they say they use emulsifiers LIKE Lecithin. I would imagine they use a lot of manufactured emulsifiers too. Another funny thing is they say their product lowers cholesterol because cholesterol is bad. However then say lecithin is good because it is in egg yolk, but eggs yolks are known to increase cholesterol. However don’t panic they increase the HDL and lower the small LDL. So a bit of a mixed message on cholesterol here I think.
  5. Added Omega 3 & 6. This is probably the worst. They promote their margarine as being healthy because it contains Omega 3 and 6 (probably added synthetically mind), and that they help maintain normal levels of Cholesterol!!! Really!!! However when you look at the ratio of omega 3 to 6 it is frighteningly bad. Per 100g there is 4.6g of omega 3 and 19g of omega 6. Do we need omega 6… yes we do, but it is vital you have it as part of a sensible ratio with omega 3. Omega 3 is generally found in healthy foods like fish. Omega 6 is awash in the modern diet, especially in the so called healthy vegetable oils. It has been suggested we should eat a 1:1 ratio, but the western diet is around the 1:16 ratio. With omega 6 been the 16. The average human today in the western world, is not eating enough 3 and eating way too much 6. What can an excess in omega 6 contribute to? – heart disease, increased triglycerides, inflammation, free radicals, gut biome issues, diabetes, IBS, depression, obesity ….. The list goes on.

Since the 80’ when all these food pyramids came in, and they tried to get you to replace dietary fat with manufactured low fat crap and told you to eat more grains. Guess what happened, we all got sicker and fatter!!! Thanks for that.

I believe in real food, in real forms for the most part. I eat butter and loads of other types of fat….. but I eat low carb. If you start eating loads of butter but still eat loads of carbs you will get into plenty of health troubles still. Think of it as a Park Swing. The protein is the pivot in the middle that stays the same. Then on one side there is fat and carbs on the other. If you increase/raise the fats, then naturally you have to lower the carbs…. or vice versa but I obviously would not recommend the high carb low fat option that has failed every dieter since the 80’s.

So I apologize for anyone that has got this far down…. I just want more grass fed butter in supermarkets really. If people want to eat margarine, that is there prerogative.

Contemporary Carnivore Diet

Carnivore Diet for Sunburn

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I am now going to suggest that the Carnivore Diet can increase your tolerance to the Sun. I am having a laugh right? Nope.

I am going to tell you what my wife and I have experienced, then point you towards a few reasons why this might have occurred.


I have been Carnivore since October 2017, and the wife since December 2017. It is now August 2018. We are from England and it has been an awesome Summer so far. A very unusually hot Summer. We are into our camping, and we have 2 dogs. So we are always out in the fresh air.

We do still use Sunscreen, although less of it and a lower SPF.

We have noticed:

  1. We can spend longer in the Sun without sunscreen before burning.
  2. With or without sunscreen we do eventually go red. However it doesn’t hurt.
  3. Once you are out of the sun and during the night, it doesn’t become uncomfortable.
  4. Aftersun is not needed.
  5. The redness turns golden brown quicker and darker than before.

Considering we don’t do foreign holidays, we currently look like we have had a fortnight in Greece.

How is this possible?

It sounds crazy I know. However I truly believe the Carnivore Diet is an ancestral way of eating. It gives you everything you need, which in turn helps your body deal with any health issues you may have. So I suppose it stands to reason that it would be result in healthier cells, and that is all Skin is. Just a big clump of cells. Plus if your body is not fighting loads of general chronic inflammation, it probably has plenty of resources to deal with a bit of sunburn.

If you think about how and when Humans evolved, we have always been exposed to the Sun for long periods. Whether that was a million years ago hunting megafauna, or 200 years ago tending our farm. We spent a long time persistent hunting, we can out run any animal over long distances. Mainly due to the fact we can sweat and are economical long distance runners. So a tribe of humans would see a pack of animals, they would identify one of them. Then just start jogging after it. The animal would sprint off and rest, eventually it could sprint less and need more rest. Then dying of exhaustion. This could take all day. Imagine if we could only spend an hour in the sun before burning, we would have been useless persistence hunters that’s for sure. You could argue the ozone layer has had an impact or that they might have been making their own sunscreen from plants. Which I doubt. I just think it is logical to think we can spend longer in the sun under the right circumstances than we can generally in these modern times and modern diets.

So either the Carnivore Diet is making us superhuman. Or something we have eliminated from our diet is helping. Maybe both?

I am not the only one who notices this “Sunburn Paradox”.

I first heard about this Sunburn Paradox from Tucker Goodrich on a couple of podcasts. In fact if you are interested in looking into the Carnivore Diet for Sunburn, you should probably just stop reading this blog and search for the information Tucker Goodrich puts out on this subject.

Basically the gist is that he blames excess Omega 6 / Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids in our diet for our whimpiness in the sun. Well you might say you don’t eat much Omega 6. Well if you eat a Standard Western Diet you do. Vegetable Seed Oils are very high in Omega 6, and pretty much every highly processed food on the planet is loaded with Seed Oils because they are cheap. The trouble is Omega 6 is highly unstable under Ultravoilet Light (Sun), and oxidizes extremely easily. So if your skin cells are filled with excess Omega 6, then you are going to get into trouble in the sun.

Here is a little more info on how far off our Omega 3 to 6 ratio is nowadays: “Several sources of information suggest that human beings evolved on a diet with a ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA) of  1 whereas in Western diets the ratio is 15/1–16.7/1. Western diets are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, and have excessive amounts of omega-6 fatty acids compared with the diet on which human beings evolved and their genetic patterns were established. Excessive amounts of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and a very high omega-6/omega-3 ratio, as is found in today’s Western diets, promote the pathogenesis of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, whereas increased levels of omega-3 PUFA (a low omega-6/omega-3 ratio) exert suppressive effects.”

So you can just believe me that this is true, or maybe you need some more convincing.

“I used to get some serious sunburn on my long runs. So upped n-3 and consumed less n-6… It’s actually pretty amazing to run without a shirt, for three-plus hours and have NO sunburn at all!!!” – Yelling Stop Blog

“When mice were exposed acutely to UV radiation (UVR), a diet of 20% saturated fat provided almost complete protection from the suppression of CHS, whereas feeding 20% polyunsaturated fat resulted in 57% suppression” – StudySo Saturated Fat helped prevent tumors in Mice exposed to UV Radiation (Found in Sunlight), where as Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) made them more susceptible to tumors. My Carnivore Diet is high in saturated fat, and low in PUFA. So I could be gaining protection from the SF, and also not inhibiting my body with PUFA.

“Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, a form of ionizing radiation, results in approximately 1.5 million disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) and is associated with greater than 60,000 deaths annually worldwide attributed to melanoma and other skin cancers.1 There are no standardized biomarker panels to assess UV-radiation oxidative stress injury patterns in skin. Unless assessing erythema after UV exposure, it is difficult to clinically determine the efficacy of UV-protective agents.26Therefore, developing a biomarker panel to evaluate UV radiation oxidative damage would facilitate rapid evaluation of skin injury due to UV radiation and enable the development and evaluation of novel oxidation-protective agents, such as sunscreens and topical antioxidants, to treat or prevent UV radiation-induced oxidation resulting in a decrease in lost years of healthy life, DALYs, and annual deaths that are attributed to UV radiation.” – Study. This study links skin health with oxidative stress. So if you can eat protective foods like SF, and not strain your body with PUFA then you will lessen the oxidative damage to the skin cells.

So I think it is fair to at least consider a diet that is too high in Omega 6 could mean people are more susceptible to Sunlight than they should be. I am going to stop here, as after this point you are entering varying degrees of Conspiracy Theory. For example is Sunscreen even useful? From being Keto and then Carnivore, I know that food companies are knowingly feeding us absolute crap for profit. I know it is in Pharma’s best interests to keep these food companies doing the same. Then I know Governments, health boards and charities are perpetuating the problems. So it is a pretty big leap for me to presume that Sunscreen manufactures are producing these products for the good of our health. They will have to turn a profit after all. So I am not suggesting that you should never wear sunscreen again or that you should blindly apply it every time you go out. I am saying find where you are in between these, and varying changes in diet could lead to varying positions between these extremes. As with anything do not presume, do some research and experiment with yourself. I am not a doctor, scientist or philosopher. I read and listen to others, consider it, test it on myself and use that to increase my own health.

This is how I currently eat – The Contemporary Carnivore Diet