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You can buy the reviewed item here: SKINS. At the time of writing the item was 50% off, which is a great price at the full £35 and an excellent price at the offer of £17.50.

I wear these shorts in the summertime, which is what they are designed for. They are lightweight activewear shorts designed for a variety of sports, providing comfort and ventilation.

I have 3 main uses for them.

  1. As a gym short. Where they are light and comfortable, and do not inhibit my range of motion.
  2. As a Indoor rowing short. As above, and the ventilation helps with this sweaty activity.
  3. As a running short. I have worn them just as normal running shorts. However I usually wear them over my compression tights as an act of modesty haha.
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These shorts have proved a great all rounder for my training needs. They are a really nice blue, or Zephyr if you want to be posh. They really pop, but aren’t in your face bright. They are extremely light and quick drying short, which pack into the tiniest of balls in your sports bag. They are loose fitting allowing for excellent range of movement, however they don’t just flap around like a tarp as they have a nice stylish shape to them.

I really like the 4 inch version of these. They end about a third of the way down my thigh. This is perfect as some of the short running shorts look a bit vulgar, and anything too long can get in the way. Even with these 4 inch ones you need to remember to wear pants rather than boxers, to avoid lets say slippage or putting on a show!

Like normal shorts they come with a drawstring, however they are such a good fit for me that I do not need it currently. They also come with a pretty small back pocket, some keys and notes are all you are going to get in here. This isn’t a SKINS issue, this is an annoyance I have with all running shorts.

All in all, these are excellent shorts which have been well worn over the last 3 months with no signs of wear. As with all the SKINS gear I have, they are really well made and long lasting.

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SKINS provided me with the product in exchange for an honest review.







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