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Used 1 HRP_9974

Check out the reviewed item here – SKINS. This T-Shirt is £35 at full price, which is good value. However at the time of writing (15/07/2018) it was half price. £17.50 is an absolute steal.

This T-Shirt is a perfect all rounder. I have used it just walking the dogs, hiking, camping, running, gym sessions, casual wear and sitting in the pub. It would equally be perfect for any sport practice you could think of… land based anyway.

It is an excellent summer Tee. The T-Shirt is really light, and the fit is great. I would describe it as an active slim fit. By this I mean it hugs your body shape, yet at the same time feels lightweight and loose. It is aimed at the summer training market, so it has moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. I have put it through many a workout, and you do really have to work up a sweat before it starts to show on the T-Shirt.

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The SKINS website is so easy to use, and they have an excellent size guide. I have numerous SKINS products and I have managed to get the right size each time. This is impressive because I usually sit right in between a M and a L. So I have had to make size calls each time.

I love the Tangerine Marle colour. It is a bright and vibrant colour, but in no way garish. The branding is subtle, yet it is clear to people who know the brand that it is a SKINS T-Shirt. I love the big S that sits on your shoulder.

Used 1 HRP_0006

I have given the T-Shirt some hammer this summer. It has probably been in the washing machine twice a week for 3 months. It shows no signs of wear, bobbling or miss-shaping. It still looks brand new. This is a theme I have found with all the SKINS products I have. Yes they are a premium brand with a premium price, but the items are all extremely well made, do what they say and they are long lasting. This means they are worth the money, and in the long run you could end up spending less. If you exercise regularly then sometimes cheaper products are a false economy.

I am definitely Team SKINS, I have yet to find an item I have not loved.

Used 1 HRP_9999

SKINS provided me with the product in exchange for an honest review.

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