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The Contemporary Carnivore Diet: you eat mainly animal products, but allow plant food on certain occasions. 

The above statement and everything below, is prefaced with the following statement.

The more health issues you have, the more you should only eat animal products. The more robust you are the more plants you can likely tolerate, if you want.

Health issues are wide ranging, and food plays a big role in all of them: Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Crohn’s & Colitis and Dementia are the big ones. However also include allergies, joint pain, skins issues, body composition, energy stability, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, mood stability & susceptibility to Colds & Flu’s etc.

The Contemporary Carnivore Diet

  1. Eat Fresh Meat and/or Fish – is the sole target of every meal. Eat what quality you can afford. If you can afford grass fed Ribeye, great. If you can only afford beef mince from a supermarket, great. You will likely thrive regardless.
  2. Optional Extra’s – still animal products but not fresh meat & fish. For example Eggs and Diary, if you can tolerate them.
  3. Quantity – you eat enough to make you full. If you think I need a potato to go along with the meat to fill me up, then you haven’t given yourself enough meat. You will likely end up doing some sort of Intermittent Fasting, but it should not be forced.
  4. Fatty over Lean – your cuts of meat and fish can vary, however overall they should be more fatty than lean. Chicken Thighs over Chicken Breast is the easiest example.
  5. Variety – you can eat as wide a range of meats and fish as you want, as long as you feel good after eating them. Beef, lamb, game, pork, chicken, whatever. That said in my personal option, you would be better of making Beef a large percentage of your weekly consumption.
  6. Muscle & Organs – If you like organ meats like Liver, Kidney’s and Heart then definitely eat them. However if you do not like them, this is likely of no concern. A lot of the Carnivore veterans tend to only eat muscle meat, and do very well.
  7. Supplementation – protein powders, vitamin and mineral supplements are not required. However initially you need to be careful with electrolytes. However this usually just means using a good quality salt on your meat.
  8. Reset – if you have followed the above for 30-60 or so, and you are feeling good. You can start to add in some low sugar fruits if you want for example. However do it one at a time, and do not just presume you can tolerate them. Test it. Obviously if you feel good, there is no obligation to do this. You can just stick with animal products.
  9. Unscheduled Cheats – if you are not fighting some sort of metabolic disease or food intolerance. Then feel free to cheat, as long as you are happy to accept the consequences to any goals or targets you may have. However these should not be scheduled regularly, for example I have been good all week so I am going to have a takeaway on Saturday night. However if you occasionally go out with friends to a restaurant, and you fancy a dessert and can tolerate it then have one. Cheats should be the exception, not the rule.
  10. Alcohol – the end of a day alcohol is a poison. It is not healthy, and should not be encouraged on any diet. However a lot of us do drink. I certainly do. You just need to be aware that it will impact on your goals, so you need to bare that in mind and accept that if you choose to drink.

The Contemporary Carnivore Diet, is currently a representation of how I eat. I haven’t added any plants back into the diet regularly, however if I do go out for a meal. Then I will often eat the veggies and have a dessert. That is how I roll.

This post is not targeted at people who have experience with Zero Carb Diets or Carnivore Diets, as they will know all of this. Plus they will have adapted their own versions that work for them. This post is really just aimed at people interested in trying the diet. I just thought that with the amount of Carnivore related posts I am doing, it is important to express how I actually eat.

I am no Doctor, this post is not medical advice. This is just something you could try if you like the sound of it. However in my opinion this is the base Human Diet, so could well be helpful for all.

Inspiration: I am no doctor, scientist or even a competent writer. However I do love learning. So I am always reading and listening to podcasts, then applying what I have learnt after letting it rattle around my brain for a bit before writing posts on it. I take inspiration from the likes of (but not limited to): Amber O’Hearn, Shawn Baker, Ted Naiman, Tim Noakes, Zeroing In On Health et al.