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Food Diary

Probably the biggest thing food wise for me this month, is that I have completely gone off chicken. I haven’t made a conscious decision to stop eating chicken because of the nutrition profile, or that I have seen a documentary on factory farming. I have simply no desire to eat it at the moment. The wife is on a Carnivore Diet too, and she loves chicken and keeps offering me it but I turn it down. That’s OK though we should both eat what we fancy. Even though we are on carnivore together, we actually cook our meals separately as we often eat different meats unless we are just chucking food on the BBQ. She also eats more eggs than I do. So whilst we have the same principles, the diet actually differs quite a bit for us.

80% of my diet is basically 20% beef mince made into patties, sometimes with cheese. Then I will also have cooking bacon a couple of times a week, then other occasional pork cuts and eggs. I drink my coffee at work black, as they only offer semi skimmed milk. Coffee at home will have whole milk in it.

A rough outline of my week would be:

14 meals, 6kg of beef, 2 kg of bacon and pork, 6 eggs. 200g cheese. That’s about it really. Rather than being a nutrient deficient mess, I am feeling great. F*%k plants haha.


Weight & Body Fat

My little graphs below are a bit sparse. I kept forgetting to weigh myself. I use the scales at my gym, so I am meant to weigh myself the 3 times a week I go to the gym so that you can see the ups and downs the body goes through week by week. Alas I am forgetful. However the overall picture is the same. I have put on 0.5kg, but my body fat has dropped. So without doing an expensive dexa scan, I have put a little muscle on. No clue how much. It might just be 0.5kg or I might have put on 2kg of muscle and lost 1.5kg of fat. Probably somewhere in between.




My protein range is fairly steady, as it should be if the majority of the things I am eating is beef. As I tend to eat fatty cuts of meat which are pretty satiating, it is hard to over eat protein. Maybe if I do an intended cut, I would eat slightly leaner cuts. However that is not on the horizon for a while if at all.



Again my fat intake is fairly constant, this is because like I said I eat fatty meat. So I don’t have to cook in butter or oil, I just use the fat in the meat. So the current level of fat I eat, is of that found on the animal. If I have fried eggs I will cook them in butter, that is about as wild as I get with external fats.



This is the one graph that looks pretty silly to be fair. How can someone eating Carnivore hit such high levels of daily carbs? Well that is alcohol ladies and gentlemen. I use Cronometer to log my food, and I always add the booze I drink. This app includes alcohol as sugar and hence carbs. I have drank too much this month, and I have had many a sluggish day afterwards. I was away for an adventure weekend which included epic amounts of drink, and England have been preforming well in the World Cup…. and there has actually being sunshine in the North East of England. So I can’t be blamed really!! In all seriousness alcohol is not healthy on any diet. However I do currently choose to drink, knowing it will have an impact on my results.



I ran a 5k PB of 22 minutes at the Muckletoon Adventure Weekend this month, which I was really happy with as my training consisted of one 5k run the week before. Previous to this I had not ran since March. Also as previous mentioned I spent the 2 days before this having a good drink. So a PB was even more surprising.


I have had a good month in the Gym. I am just feeling really strong at the moment, and I can almost feel my body responding after each session. A few years ago, I spent around 2 years doing fairly consistent gym training. Whilst I did ok, and put a bit of muscle on. It was nothing remarkable. This time round I just feel like I am getting bigger quicker. I am doing the same exercises, the main difference I am guessing is that last time I was just eating a normal diet.

Also I feel like my recovery is different. Before if I did a chest workout I would get general gym soreness in the chest area. Now it is very specific, there is no general soreness. I just have targeted soreness on the muscle I was training. So I think this shows that the carnivore diet is an anti-inflammatory diet. My body is not showing general signs of stress and inflammation, it is just responding to specific stresses. Which is how the body should work.