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I do love a SKINS product that is true, I am normally decked out in SKINS head to toe for all my exercising.


So I got these Compression Socks to go with the top and half tights in the same colour.

These are my first compression socks I have used, I normally get the calf tights because I usually run in Running Sandals or 5fingers. However I knew this summer I would be running in normal toed minimalist shoes. So I could test out the socks this time.

As with all SKINS compression gear the socks are said to improve muscle oxygenation, reduces blood lactate, stabilize muscles and they aide recovery. This is important for me as minimalist running can be a bit hard on your calves if you are not fully adapted, so I do like to have a bit of extra support for my calves and achilles even though they shouldn’t really be needed now. However it provides me with a bit of peace of mind.

I have worn these on runs in the England Spring and Summer, and even on hot days they are not overly hot and sweaty. Quite the opposite actually, I actually feel like they help with the heat and that I feel fresher for longer.


The socks are specifically designed to help with fatigue in your calves and achilles, as well as help cushion and protect your feet. All the things that I am looking for. They also have anti fungal and chafing properties which is good to know…. I can confirm I have never had athletes foot after wearing these haha.

They have proved to be long lasting, and the compression has maintained after numerous runs and washes. This is impressive as I have pretty skinny calves for a 6 foot man, so to feel that compression around my lower leg is pretty cool.

I do like how they look too, basically like a football sock I guess. They match my minimalist running shoes as well which is a bonus.

If you need a compression sock, these will be hard to beat.


SKINS provided me with this product in exchange for an honest review.








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