If you check out my instagram, you will see I am pretty much decked out in SKINS for whatever training I do.


I got this top for my Summer training which runs from April to September. So I needed a top that I could use in the Gym for weight lifting and indoor Concept2 rowing, as well as running outside in the summer temperatures.

This top is called DNAmic ULTIMATE COOL, they are strong words that they have to deliver on.

Luckily they do. The top looks very cool in my opinion. Personally I think I suit the colour blue, and this a very vibrant blue. Like all SKINS designs, they stand out from the crowd. Whether that is in the Gym, roads, trials or races, you look like you mean business. I always end up getting excited if I see someone else on a starting line of a race and they are wearing SKINS… not sure why!


So that is a tick for the style part, what about substance? As with all SKINS compression wear this top is excellent. In my opinion if it is not a little bit of a struggle getting the top on and off then it is not a compression top! Luckily the size guide on the website is foolproof, I have multiple SKINS products and everyone I have got has fit perfectly. The top is made with fabrics that help manage moisture, and there are some areas made of mesh to help ventilation. Only once have I used this top and there was noticeable sweat, and too be fair it wasn’t that bad considering it was a hot day and I was inside a gym doing a pretty hard interval training session on the rower. There is a mesh pocket, however to be honest I have never used it and probably never will. It is not something I look for in a compression top.

Compression tops are meant to increase oxygen to the muscles, reduces lactate build up, stabilises muscles and aid recovery. For the member of the public like me these can be quite subjective and hard to quantify. All I know is all the SKINS products I have look great, fit great, feel great and I feel confident in them. That’s the main thing if you are not an elite athlete.

In conclusion, the top is awesome end of haha!!!


Skins provided me this product in exchange for an honest review.







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