My review of the SKINS Ultimate Cool Half Tights.

I do all my exercise in SKINS items. They are my go to brand for sure.


For these summer months, I shockingly needed some warm weather clothing for the lovely North-East of England. So to go with the top, I got the DNAmic Ultimate Cool Half Tights.

I am a big fan of wearing compression gear whilst exercising, and I have found SKINS to be the best on the market; that I have tried out. As with the top the shorts are made from materials designed to mange moisture and provide ventilation to keep you cool. Compression also helps muscle oxygenation, reduced lactate build up, stabilizes muscles and aides recovery.

However lets be honest, I am no elite athlete so the benefits are hard to quantify for me. I believe I do gain benefit from compression clothing, but I couldn’t give it a percentage.  What I do know is they look great, they fit awesome and they are long lasting. They are quite tight to pull on, which is a hallmark of any good compression product. Yet they are in no way uncomfortable, especially around the nether regions which is a bonus.

As with the the top and all compression gear actually, they leave little to the imagination. It is all on show haha, so to be honest I always wear some normal shorts over the top of them. You don’t have too though, maybe I am just being too shy!

I have worn these tights in the gym lifting weights, on the concept2 rower and running. I have had no unsightly sweat marks when wearing them or any discomfort, so all in all they do exactly what they say on the tin.

I recommend this product highly.


SKINS provided me with this product for an honest review.

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