Now that my marathon training is over, my long distance running is being put on the back burner. I will still be running, but it will be shorter distances, like the 1 mile, 5k and 10k.

Over the summer I will mainly be concentrating on time in the Gym, lifting weights and getting used to the Concept2 Rower. I am a natural sprinter, I just taught myself to be able to do a marathon. So I am going to spend a bit of time trying to get my top gear back. There is a possibility I might do some regional 100m races when I qualify for the over 40’s masters athletics age group. However I am first going to try my hand at the sprint events in indoor rowing, for a couple of years. Namely the 100m, 1 minute and 500m.

I will of course be doing this on a Zero Carb Diet. So it will be interesting to see, if I can get that top gear back without dietary carbs. It will also be interesting to see what my recovery, injury record and muscle potential is like on this diet.

The Concept2 season runs from the 1st May to 30th April. So it makes sense to journal my progress within this year long season. However I will document it a little differently this time. It will not be through blog posts. I will instead publish 13 eBooks. The first one will be published in the first week of June, covering May.


Below is a little taster:


The world is not a good place at the moment. Generally people are sick, unfit and weak. The diseases of civilisation are swiping a scythe through generation after generation. Obesity, diabetes, dementia, heart disease and cancer are almost the norm now rather than the exception.

Whose fault is it? Ourselves for having no control of what we put in our mouth? Doctors looking to pills, rather than prevention? Sugar companies funding studies to suit their agenda? A trend to promoting plant consumption, such as Grains? Increased consumption of Vegetable Seed Oils? Government organisations and charities doubling down on advice that seems to have made the issues worse, rather than solving them?

Well it is probably all of the above to a degree, as well as many other reasons. There have been many rocks thrown in the lake, and all the ripples are overlapping.

Is all hope lost? Or can we reclaim our health. There are many places to start. The place I choose to start was way back in the past, when the diseases of civilisation did not exist. A time when humans were lean, healthy, could run long distances, could sprint, could jump and could throw.

You see nutrition is extremely simple; it has been complicated for profit and control. Nutrition is no more complicated than:

  1. What is our digestive system designed to digest?
  2. What were we eating to cause the evolution of the above design?

I believe if we eat a species appropriate diet, then we will recover our health. This will also happen a lot quicker, than you would likely imagine.

I will be documenting my Carnivore Diet over the course of 13 ebooks. This fist 12 will be a complete journal of that month, plus a couple of chapters on my thoughts regarding the diet. The 13th eBook will be a complete overview of the year.

Where I venture away from my own experiences, and jump into the science. I will summarize what greater minds have explained, and point you in their direction. By the end of it, you should have a greater understanding of why I eat in this way, how that can be applied to you, and how it would likely benefit pretty much every human on the planet. I will generally stay away from the moral and sustainability aspects of eating meat, although I will touch on them occasionally. I will focus on why a Carnivore Diet could be good for you NUTRITIONALLY, I will not try to change your mind on the morals of eating animal tissue and I do not presume to know how to improve animal farming.”

All my training is done in SKINS and Softstar Shoes.


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